Get over the lofty skyscrapers already as Singapore is also one of the most delightful cities around the world for a family vacation filled with activity, thrill and entertainment. There’s practically so much to do here that prioritising an activity/place over another can become a bone of contentment between family members. However, if you family’s idea of fun can accommodate watching some of the most creatively designed, uniquely executed and thoroughly consumed shows in Singapore, our list is just what you need to be at the right place, at the right time in Singapore.


The Garden Rhapsody, Gardens by the Bay

The Gardens by the Bay is at the centre of all tourist activity in Singapore. Comprised by 12 uniquely themed gardens boasting flowers, trees, waterfalls and vegetation from different parts of the world; nowhere in Singapore will you see the Singapore government’s dream of turning the city-state into ‘a city in a garden’ come alive better than here. Though the ‘wow’ moments await visitors at every corner of these gardens, it’s difficult to leave without being in awe of the evening show titled the Garden Rhapsody. Held in the central ‘Supertree Grove’ area at 7.45 pm and 8.45 pm, the show is a stunning spectacle of music and lights that transforms the ‘supertrees’ of the garden into a visual delight. If you visit in the month preceding Christmas, you will see the music and lights choreographed around the theme of Christmas, a show said to leave families with young children thoroughly entertained and excited.

Universal Studio’s WaterWorld

Based on the eponymous film, Universal Studio’s WaterWorld is the star show of the theme park and a large number of crowds in attendance here any day of the week are testimony to its huge popularity. From picking your seats in wet, splash or safe zones to facing the scene of a ship in water guarded by pirates and surrounded by towers and nets, wooden bridges and chimneys; you know you are in for an adrenaline high the moment you enter the show premises. A gripping plot and some death defying stunts (at least one of which has you falling from the edge of your seat and involves an airplane) later, you are left wondering at the impeccable timing, skills and execution of the lead actors of the show, who are all very engaging and keep the interaction with the crowds going at all times.

Creatures of the Night Show, Night Safari

Singapore provides its visitors with a unique experience of meeting its diverse population of animals on a night safari, which naturally is one of the most sought after experiences by tourists visiting the country. However, the thrill of the night safari is matched by an equally fascinating encounter with the animals through the Creatures of the Night Show that see the superstar animals of the Singapore zoo putting on quite a show for spectators. The 20-minute long extravaganza features binturongs, civets, hyena, and African servals showcasing their special motor skills of jumping, hunting and escaping among others. Weather permitting; the show is performed four times in a night at 7.30pm, 8.30pm, 9.30pm and 10.30pm respectively.

The Dolphin Show at the Dolphin Island, Sentosa

One of the surest ways to get kids going jittery with exhilaration is to just show them a dolphin. Imagine the levels of elation if they could touch, feed, swim or watch the friendly dolphins doing acrobatics in water personally for them. All this and more is possible at the Dolphin Island, adjacent to the Adventure Cove Waterpark, where families and individuals can have an up and close encounter with the cuddliest and cutest mammals in the water. There is a variety of different programmes under which an interaction with dolphins is possible and most of them are educating, fun and to be found only at the Dolphin Island.

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