The thing about travelling to unknown places is that in addition to new attractions, landscapes, cultures and traditions, you are also met with new laws, rules and regulations. And because people in one part of the world could be very different from those in another, what might be normal and acceptable in your native country, can be scandalous and offensive at the place you are travelling to. This rule holds especially true for Singapore where there are laws that you might need some time to wrap your head around. But because we don’t want you paying heavily (Singapore is notorious for levying heavy fines) for an innocent mistake, here are top 6 things that you cannot do in Singapore:

Chewing Gum without Prescription

Yes, you read that right. It is illegal to buy gum or import it in Singapore from another country. Found chewing or spitting gum in public streets in Singapore, you will have to pay as many as $500 as a fine. The exception to the rule is made only for people who need to chew gum for medical reasons, after they show prescription written by a qualified doctor. No wonder the country maintains excellent levels of sanitation and cleanliness!


Forgetting to Flush the Toilet

Taking its commitment to cleanliness a level higher is the rule against forgetting to flush public toilets. When using public toilets, you must flush to avoid paying a fine of $150. Random checks are made by authorities throughout the day at different locations to ensure compliance to the rule.

Smoking or Littering in Public Places

Considering the above two points, it shouldn’t come as a surprise when we tell you that littering or smoking in public places is also an offence in Singapore. While there are designated places for smoking where you can take a puff, you’ll be fined for littering if you drop your cigarette butt even at these places. You can be fined as much as $1000 for littering and $200 for smoking in public places. You might also be sentenced to community service, depending upon the severity of your crime.

Watching Porn and Nudity

Public nudity as well as watching porn is criminal under the law in Singapore as is being seen naked even at your home. Make sure your curtains are closed at all times and refrain from watching porn in the country as it can land you 3 month’s jail time or $2000 fine.

Binging on the MRT

There has been a ban on eating and drinking on the Singapore MRT since 1987 and the authorities as well as locals take this ban seriously as should you. You might have to pay a fine of $500 if found eating or drinking on the Singapore MRT.

Connecting to Unsecured Wi-Fi

Make sure the ‘auto-discovery’ mode on your mobile is always turned off during your stay in Singapore as it is a crime to connect to unsecured Wi-Fi networks. Under the Computer Misuse Act, you can be booked for an attempt at hacking, if found tying to connect to an unsecured network.

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