The island country of Maldives is breathtaking and serene at the same time. But, there is more to the country than just picturesque beauty. Here are the top 13 reasons to visit the spectacular country this season.

Breathtaking Scenery

Natural beauty is one of the biggest reasons that make most people want to visit Maldives. Its milky-white sandy beaches, crystal blue waters and clear blue skies offer a lot to photographers as well as to nature lovers almost all round the year.

Diver’s Paradise

Visit Maldives

The clear warm sea waters here are home to over a thousand species of fish, amazing coral reefs, exciting shipwrecks, caves, corals and steep drop-offs. Do we need more reasons to call it a diver’s paradise?

Shark Park

In 2010, all shark fishing was banned in the country, after which it became a shark sanctuary. Travellers can spot grey reef sharks, hammerhead sharks or whale sharks in their dives. As most lagoons are shark nurseries, spotting baby grey tips and little lemon sharks over walks on the jetty is also pretty common.


Good round-the-year visibility in the waters along with a colourful and rich marine life makes snorkelling a much popular sport here. Snorkelers can easily spot lionfish, parrotfish, clownfish, manta rays and unicorn fish among others.


Maldives is slowly becoming a popular surfing destination. Asian Surfing Championships 2014 were held at Sultan’s Point, while Maldives Open 2014 was organised at Lohis Point. Some of the other surfing points are at Male’s Atolls and Thaa Atoll. Surfing safaris under professionals are offered by many resorts here.

Spot Dolphins

Spend afternoons spotting the resident little spinner dolphins leap up into the air and spin for joy when they come out of lagoons to hunt. Watch these cheerful creatures as they follow your boat and amaze you with their antics.


Enjoy a different fishing experience here by going out with locals on a tag-and-release fishing safari on live-aboard boats. Here fishing is different as net fishing is illegal. So, even the locals use pole and line fishing methods.

Marine Big Five

Travellers can go on enjoyable safaris to spot the marine Big Five of Maldives. These are manta rays, eagle rays, sea turtles, dolphins and sharks. Other endangered species, which are protected by the law and can be seen easily, are turtles, great clams, dolphins, and whale sharks.

Water Sports

The endless seas offer great opportunities for water sports, which are offered by resorts and include canoeing, catamaran sailing, water skiing, fun tube, kayaking, wakeboarding, Jet Ski tours, parasailing, banana boat towing, windsurfing, snorkelling, kite surfing, and knee boarding.

Relaxing Spas

Most resorts here offer spas in rooms with glass floors, so that tourists can watch the exotic marine life, including baby sharks play, while relaxing face-down on a massage table.

Plethora of Resorts

Most of the world’s major hotel brands have set up a property or two at this popular beach destination. There are resorts to suit all needs; from luxury villas and suites to cozy rooms at reasonable costs.


Enjoy the distinctive Maldivian laid-back and relaxing lifestyle amidst peaceful environs, away from the hustle and bustle of urban life here.

Exotic Food

Try out delicious Maldivian cuisine such as the super-spicy tuna curry, maas roshi (little tuna and coconut patties) and kaashi bokibaa (coconut, rosewater and palm sugar balls).

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