With a broad range of tourist trappings, the Maldives is more than capable of overwhelming all sorts of travellers who book tickets on flights for arriving in this scenic archipelago. Here is a quick guide for getting in and around this island nation.


Sun-kissed beaches which form a soft carpet of sand, the azure sea creeping up to your feet and leaving a stealthy kiss in its wake, the exorbitant waves making it perfect for swimming or surfing and the amicable locals welcoming you with zeal and enthusiasm; a vacation at the Maldives is the most foolproof way to immerse into an ocean of ecstasy. Millions of holidaymakers grab air tickets on flights for sojourning this incredible archipelago all year-round.

Getting in There
Malé International Airport is where most overseas tourists land. Exhilaration kicks in, even before one sets foot in the island nation.. Breathtaking views of cobalt blue waters will be a mesmeric treat for eyes and senses. Being a prominent holiday destination, the Maldives features an excellent connectivity with all the major airports around the globe including those in the UK. British Airways, the renowned flag carrier of UK operates direct scheduled flights to this captivating destination from London Gatwick, offering wide options to Britons.

Ground Transfers
Transfers from the Malé International Airport Airport to key resort islands are either by boats, seaplanes or the domestic flights. Travellers who have reserved their stay in the nearby resorts can opt for rides through boats waiting in the harbour. The price for tickets is often reasonable, based on the distance to the destination. Negotiating skills also work, especially when it comes to availing competitive fares for entire group. Many famed resorts offer free transfer (generally included in the package price) to and from the airport.

For a distance of more than 15km, speedboats are often considered a good option to travel through. It is also a fun excursion. When the boat roars over the clear blue water, travellers feel the salt on their lips, sun on the face and the wind sliding by their hairs. The experience of riding by Dhoni, the local boats in Maldives, is also quite enchanting and well worth the cost of flights tickets and holiday deals for the destination.

Seaplane Ride to the Resorts
Taking a seaplane ride will not only shorten the travel time, but it also endows one with breathtaking views of many islands en route. Sometimes, passengers who spend on tickets for the journey catch sights of reefs and some other captivating panorama. However, tourists should note that this mode of transportation operate only in daylight hours. So if their Maldives flights arrive after the sunset, they will have to stay in Malé overnight. Same is the case for all those whose flights land here at early morning. Try to get a window seat for better views of the surrounding regions. Passengers are usually dropped off at a floating platform from where they can ride a boat to reach to their resorts.

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