Malaysia is one of the leading holiday destinations in the world. However, it is the medical tourism of the country that is attracting people to its shores. World class facilities and reasonable costs make sure seats on flights to Malaysia are always booked.

The multi-cultural and multi-lingual Malaysia is a brilliant choice for meeting the health care needs of international medical tourism patients. Malaysia’s mounting reputation as a preferred health and medical destination has ensured that a huge numbers of visitors from all over the world start looking to grab flights to Malaysia to seek remedies for a range of medical needs. This includes both health services as well as cosmetic care.

Malaysia as a Medical Tourism Hub

Foreign travellers choose to visit Malaysia for their medical treatment because of the affordability of the medical procedures as well as the availability of attractive options for the recuperation period. The government of Malaysia is going all out to promote the nation as a medical tourism hub where world class treatment facilities are available!

Medical costs and hospitalization charges are very nominal in Malaysia as compared to the developed countries in Europe. And as far as expertise in concerned, Malaysia ranks among the finest in the world. It is the currency exchange rate between the Malaysian currency and the UK pound that make the country an affordable destination for medical tourists. Costs for medical treatments in Malaysia compare very favourably against costs incurred for same medical procedures in European nations. Even the accommodation options in Malaysia are pretty economical that makes sure that cheap flights to Malaysia aren’t the only affordable things you are going to experience on the Malaysia tour!

Another aspect of the country that makes it one of the leading medical tourism hubs around the world is the prevalence of English language. A foreigner who is on a medical tour to the country is excused from facing language problems that one usually experience in a foreign country as English is spoken throughout the country! Another added advantage of the magnificent Malaysia is its accessibility. Being such a popular holiday destination all across the globe, almost every major city in the world operates direct or indirect flights to Malaysia. This country really has everything going for it! No wonder, people consider cheap flights to Malaysia as something really sacred!

Medical Centres in Malaysia

Several hospitals, medical centres and private clinics in the country are very well maintained, with highly-qualified specialists and skilled medical staff members. People who buy flights to Malaysia and land up in this country to get a slice of the medical tourism will be amazed at the way the health care units are run in this nation. Every private medical centre that operates in Malaysia is required to be certified by the Malaysian Ministry of Health. Moreover, those serving the foreign travellers should possess the international certification standards.

There is almost a flood of such private, certified medical centres in the country. All such medical centres boast of extensive diagnostic and therapeutic resources like endoscopic suites, haemodialysis centres, cardiac catheterisation and magnetic resonance imaging units. Various private hospitals in the region also offer accommodation options that range from basic to luxurious. Personal butlers or full-time private nurses are also available, along with sleep-in facilities for travelling companions.

Popular Medical Procedures in Malaysia

High quality medical treatment in top-class facilities is available to tourists in Malaysia. The country is popular as a medical tourism hub among holiday makers for both critical care as well as preventative care. Cardiac procedures, in particular, are extremely popular in the country; however a number of other medical treatments are also available.

Kuala Lumpur leads other cities of the country when it comes to providing health care services. But Penang is not far behind and is catching up with the capital city! Patients who travel to Penang can take advantage of an attractive health package that include a health screening plan which incorporates a string of medical tests such as chest X-ray, electrocardiogram and blood screening. Penang’s other medical facilities include cardiac centre, laser eye surgery centre and fertility centre.

Cosmetic surgery in Malaysia

Cosmetic surgery may not be biggest of attractions in Malaysia’s medical tourism but the country still offers top of the line plastic surgery centres that entice hordes of medical tourists to visit the shores of this wonderful country. The authorities are also actively promoting the hospitals and private clinics for a wide range of cosmetic procedures and plastic surgeries. Popular cosmetic treatments in the country are face lifts, rhinoplasty and eye surgeries among others.

Recuperation in Malaysia

The best part of undergoing medical treatment in Malaysia, in particular for less critical cases, has to be the recovery period! Patients have the chance to check out a country that is right up with the world’s best in terms of attractions and tourist delights. There is lot to sightsee and enjoy in cities like Kuala Lumpur, and Penang during the recuperation period for the patients who travel to Malaysia for their treatment.

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