Before buying air tickets on flights for a scuba-diving holiday in the Maldives, make sure you are aware of the following points to have a safe and enjoyable experience. Some valuable tips have also been inserted in this article.


The Maldives are as popular for the quality of diving as they are for their astounding corals. A chain of 26 captivating atolls stretching from the south-western tip of Indian Subcontinent to just beyond the equator, the island nation has some of the world’s best diving sites. One could hardly see a mountain or river at the archipelago, but there is fascinating diving almost everywhere. Then there are strict environment policies – all fishing at Maldives is done with hook and line, which result in an abundance of marine life. Impressive underwater visibility and availability of all required facilities make excursion safe and delightful. Quite naturally, hordes of divers from all over the world remain on a quest for tickets onboard cheap flights to explore the enchanting underwater world in Maldives.

Here are some important things one must know before planning a diving tour in Maldives.

Underwater conditions

Underwater conditions vary significantly from one site to another. Seasonal change may also affect the temperature and visibility beneath sea surrounding Maldives. Water temperatures at the island, however, do not fluctuate much and range from 25°C to 28°C throughout the year. While best known for reef and drift diving, Maldives allures many discerning divers to book tickets onboard flights to enjoy wreck scuba-diving here. Some of diving sites in the country are particularly popular for housing the wrecks of many sunken ships from ancient era.

Where to Go?

Adventure seekers boarding flights for Maldives to explore its underwater treasures will be left spoilt for choice, particularly in terms of location. Among the best places to head to are the Banana Reef, one of the oldest dive sites in the country, and Broken Rock in South Ari Atoll. Hukuru Elhi Faru (manta point) is a recent addition to country’s protected marine areas and is thronged by many divers who spend on flights tickets to relish the fascinating and colourful world beneath sea. Other acclaimed sites in the Maldives include Maamigili Beru, Kudah Rah Thila and Dhidhoo.

Best Time to Visit

Though diving in the Maldives is possible all year-round, the best time to make tickets reservation on flights for discovering island’s underwater charms runs from January to May and from August to November. May to August is the wet season when the visibility reduces to a considerable level. However, this time is considered best to spot large plankton feeders like Whale sharks and Manta Rays.


Though dive centres in the Maldives rent out all needed gears, it is good to have a few of your own. The tank and weight belt are often availed on rent, while masks, snorkels and fins are preferably brought by the divers grabbing tickets onboard Maldives bound flights. Despite the fact that water temperature remains pleasant, most explorers wear wetsuit for a comfortable excursion. Depth gauge, Buoyancy Control Device and Dive computer are other important pieces for divers to carry with.

Safety Tips

Enjoying sea dive in Maldives is a pleasurable, invigorating and, above all, safe excursion. A bit of training and one will be all set to explore underwater charms. However, holidaymakers boarding flights for a diving vacation in the country should heed some safety tips. Here are a few:

  • Do an open water course from a reputed institute and learn some valuable tips for underwater communication.
  • A thorough medical check-up is also necessary before booking travel tickets to dive in the Maldives.
  • Collect reliable info about the weather conditions at the dive site, local laws about marine life.
  • Dive only at a site within your expertise level.

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