Winter (October-March) is the best time to board flights headed to Rajasthan, India. The desert state can be pretty harsh in summers, but in the cooler months the regal magnetism of the place shines through, making everyone look for tickets to the region.

The wonders of the wondrous India have been well documented all over the internet. The country’s radiant majesty that’s perhaps best reflected in its grand old palaces and forts is plastered across various travel agents’ offices! Everyone wants to visit India and why not. The country’s spectacular train of delights has stations numbering to several hundred, with each outmanoeuvring the other to receive the maximum footfall. But from a westerner’s point of view, it is perhaps Rajasthan, the desert state which may seem like a goodie-filled piñata waiting to be whacked open! The province has it all that people expect after investing on flights to India – turbaned men, colourfully clothed women, rambling forts, wonderful temples, etc. And, how to better the best! How do you amplify the inimitable fun of sipping on a delicious cocktail? Well, you put ice into it! Indeed, holidays to Rajasthan are always welcome but during the pleasant months of winter in India (October-March), the entire western province metamorphoses into a splendid tale of ancient India’s royal mystique.

Sightseeing: Rajasthan has some incredible avenues where people can satiate their love for Indian culture and heritage. Be it the Pink City, Jaipur or the City of Lakes, Udaipur, Rajasthani cities surely offer a distinct look into the India’s regal legacy. During summers, the desert state may hold back some people from travelling a lot and might restrict their sightseeing excursions, but during the cooler months the desire to see more and experience more certainly doesn’t find any climatic hindrances. Not surprisingly, it is the peak tourist season in the region, and thousands book tickets and board flights to be here.

Activities: If there is one aspect of holiday that experiences complete subjugation by weather, it is definitely the ‘outdoor pursuits’. For a fulfilling outdoor adventure or even simple fun activities, it is important that the conditions are right. Nobody would be too keen to ride a camel in a sweltering 40 °C heat; but the same camel ride would perhaps feel much better in the pleasant 20’s. There are heaps of other fun activities for people to enjoy in Rajasthan. Desert safari is a wonderful opportunity for people to enjoy the dunes of the Thar, and what better time than the pleasant December time to do that. Hot air balloon rides and wildlife safaris are other popular pursuits for those who are investing on tickets for flights to the country/province.

Festivals: Rajasthan is arguably the most colourful Indian state and nothing better than the region’s dazzling festivals and celebrations to greet those shades of merrymaking. For foreign tourists, who line up their travel agents’ office to usurp cheap travel tickets on flights to Rajasthan, the proposition of participating in different Rajasthani festivals is truly most appealing. Winter Festival at Mount Abu, usually held in December, is a mesmeric treat for westerners who come to India looking for a unique cultural feast. Pushkar Fair is another fantastic time to unravel Indian enigma. Several other unique fests are celebrated in various parts of the state during the winter season to charm all tourists who bag tickets on flights to the province.

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