India is home to more than half of the world’s tiger population. Quite naturally, popular tiger reserves in India such as Corbett, Khana and Panna lure thousands of nature lovers into booking tickets on flights arriving in India to spot Indian big cats.


Incredible India is one of the most famous destinations across the globe for tiger spotting. The country is home to around 40 sprawling tiger reserves that offer rare opportunities to explore the relatively unexplored forests where facing the fierce big cat is easy, thrilling and adventurous, all at the same time. In fact, the country unfolds itself as an interesting gateway to the wildlife that every natural lover conceives of – fierce beasts roaming about freely in the lush plains and deciduous forests! Quite expectedly, spotting a feline beast remains one of the essential experiences for most green thumbs who invest on air tickets aboard direct/indirect flights bound for the country. Here is little smattering on five important destinations intended for those buying tickets aboard flights arriving in the country for spotting tigers in India.

Corbett National Park
Dubbed as the first ever nature reserve in India, Corbett is well-known for its varied wildlife. Snuggled in close proximity to India’s capital city of Delhi, Corbett sits atop a humongous area in the hilly state of Uttarakhand! Popular as home to the endangered tigers, Corbett ranks high on the popularity polls when it comes to picking up the best place for tiger spotting activities. Besides feline beasts, the reserve is home to dozens of other interesting animal species like fearsome leopards, wild elephants, wild boars, mahseer fish, the endangered gharials, mugger crocodiles to name a few. Corbett is definitely worth a visit for every visitor who is booking air tickets to the country and craves adventure.

Khana National Park
An inspiration for Rudyard Kipling’s novel, The Jungle Book, Kanha is perhaps the most beautiful of all India’s national reserves. Located in the centre of India in southern Madhya Pradesh, Kanha unfolds itself as an exotic blend of deciduous forest and savannah grasslands. The place is particularly rich in flora and fauna, feline mammals are regularly spotted here and its remoteness keeps it quieter than other conservatories. Besides fearsome big cats, the place teems with a fine mix of other species such as wild boars, chital, hyena, jackals and langurs! With its incredibly bewitching fauna and glamorous flora, this place in India remains a must visit for those booking tickets aboard international flights to the country for thrilling and peaceful holidays!

Panna National Park
Yet another fascinating gem in India’s wild calendar, Panna is a gorgeous national park with a staggering variety of beautiful birds and abundant animal species ranging from hungry crocodiles to sloth bears. Cloaked in a mix of acacia and forest, this park is perhaps the best place in India for nature photography, such that hordes of nature photographers on flights to the country flock here to capture some fascinating moments! Besides majestic feline mammals, the park is home to other fascinating species such as wild boars, leopards, dholes and chitals! It is surrounded by an array of ancient monuments that add to its mysticism and exoticness! With wild beasts roaming around and grooves of trees dotting the plains, Panna makes for one fascinating reason to book air tickets and plan holidays here.

Bandhavgarh National Park
One of India’s most prominent conservatories, Bandhavgarh National Park is an absolutely not to be missed attraction for any nature lover and wildlife photogs spending on air tickets for holidays to India. The dry deciduous forests of this place have long been the favourite playground for the endangered Indian big cats. It is also home to over 150 species of birds, including purple sunbirds and golden orioles. In addition, ancient ruins – statues, forts and man-made caves – dot the area, tempting history-lovers and photographers from all across into buying air tickets aboard flights for a trip to this majestic area.

Pench Tiger Reserve
Another inspirational setting for Kipling’s The Jungle Book, Pench Tiger Reserve is a popular place loved by many who hop aboard flights bound for India to spot mighty feline beasts. Though better known for its leopards than its feline beasts now, Pench makes for one of the India’s best spots to observe wildlife and over 250 species of bird. It’s also a relaxing place to go boating. An erstwhile hunting ground of the bygone era, Pench attracts conservationists, documentary makers and nature photographers from across the borders tempting them to look for air tickets aboard flights for wildlife breaks here!

Best Time to Spot Big Cats
The months of October to May make for the best time to spot great Indian wild cats. The weather remains pleasant and sunny during the days making it the best time to view fierce feline beasts from close quarters. But, during the months of April to May when the temperature starts to rise and water holes start to dry up, Indian tigers are most easily spotted. No wonder, most nature photogs book their flights and accommodations to the country during these months.

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