Travel during winters in Delhi can be much more enjoyable as compared to summers. However, the peak of winters can be very cold in North India and tourists who are investing on flights’ tickets must come prepared to tackle the same.


India’s capital, Delhi is a spectacular place to be in during November-March period, which largely constitutes the winter season in this large country. However, the peak of winters (late December to early January) can be really cold in Delhi and can leave people wondering what happened to all that “India being a hot, tropical country” gimmick!! At its lowest, winter temperatures in the city can rival those of London, and hence it makes sense to come fully prepared while boarding flights to land in the city in the period.

 In North India, flight delays are a common phenomenon during winters due to dense fog in the region. Travellers with tickets in hand and flights to catch must make sure to reconfirm the flight schedule to check if there’s any cancellation or delay. This will save them a lot of troubles after they have booked air tickets.

 In continuance of the first point, it is important to keep some extra time in hand while contemplating holidays in India during the colder months. Heavy fog can not only impact timing of flights but also the movement of trains and on-road traffic in Delhi. Those who have tickets for onward journey would rather want to wait at the airport than to miss their flights.

 We all have heard how hot India is but this country, and specifically the northern India, can also be pretty cold as well. Holiday makers who plan for a memorable Delhi trip must carry with them appropriate clothes to sustain in the winter season. Carry pullovers, sweaters, jackets, etc. to beat the cold. You surely don’t want to fall sick in the capital just because you weren’t properly clothed.

 Ensure that you bring along essential vitamins and some medicines with you, just in case you catch cold or fever while holidaying in Delhi during winters. One must keep mind that medicines sold in India are not all same to those available in the UK or other parts of Europe.

 It never hurts to be friendly with technology. Interested vacationers, who have invested on flights tickets during the peak season of holidaying Delhi, must also make use of whatever form of technology is available to them. Tools like GPS, GPRS come in handy in case people are stuck in foggy weather and are unsure of their way in India.

Here are some other small yet useful tips for successfully tackling winter holidays in Delhi:

• Before every sightseeing tour, check the weather reports and plan according to the same.

• Take care of your skin during the winter time. Keep your face and body moisturised.

• Drink adequate amounts of water as chilly weather may lead to dehydration.

• Tourists who buy tickets on flights to the city for a comprehensive tour of the city must keep in mind that travelling in the winter can be more tiring than sightseeing trips in summer.

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