Stylish and fun-filled, Bangalore leaves no stone unturned to mesmerize night owls with its vibrant nightlife, leaving them pleasingly shocked! No wonder, thousands booking tickets for flights from UK to India choose Bangalore as their holiday spot!

Bombastic Bangalore’s nightlife scene is touted to be one of the best in India! In fact, the cosmopolitan nightlife of this South Indian destination has earned it the epithet of ”Pub Capital of India”. As soon as the sun fades into the oblivion, the region comes alive with many neon lit clubs and discos that break loose the maddening frenzy of music exploring every genre from punk rock to heavy metal to jazz and blues! It is certainly no exaggeration to say that even the most discerning visitors who carefully consider tickets options on direct or indirect flights headed to India do well to add Bangalore in their travel itineraries!

Pubs, Clubs and Lounges

With exotic cocktails, excellent music and electrifying ambiance, the clubs and bars of Bangalore simply weave for an unforgettable night to remember, January to December! A world of choice awaits those who purchase tickets on both full service and low cost flights to the destination as far as night clubs and bars are considered. One of the premium pubs in the town is Peco’s which is immensely famous for its theme jazz, draft beer and happening party crowd! With its many dance floors, Zero G is the perfect place to dance the night away! Head bangers spending on tickets to travel aboard international flights to the destination can make their way to the Purple Haze which is famous for its upbeat mood for Metal! Some of the other prominent names that feature high on the wish list of people¬†purchasing flights tickets to Bangalore, the South Indian city are Club Nero, Hard Rock Caf√©, Hypnos, Tavern at the Inn, Styx and Le Rock.

Dining Options

City’s numerous restaurants and eateries come handy for those who feel peckish after all that revelry and wish to treat their taste buds to some tantalizing local and global flavours! Restaurants in the town are well equipped to dish out some of the most authentic and delicious flavours that simply guarantee to satisfy everyone’s appetite! From fine-dining to causal eateries serving traditional cuisines, one has a lot of dining options to choose from in the town.

General Safety Tips

  • Here are a few simple suggestions to follow while partying in the city to avoid any untoward incidence:
  • One must avoid overly acts of anger and do not indulge in brawls as it may lead to harsh consequences. It is best to contact emergency police helpline (100) in case of any dispute.
  • It is best to refrain from drugs! Trafficking or consumption of drugs is literally intolerant and can attract rigorous jail sentences.
  • A number of women holidaymakers book tickets and arrive on flights to the city either solo or with co travellers. They should carry fair variety of dresses to use while indoors or out in the open. The key is to dress modestly and avoid wearing short and revealing clothes outside to avoid unwanted attention.

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