Tourists will be able to gaze at incredible, tropical fish en route to the Alipore Zoological Gardens in a new, specially-built underpass.

A new underpass is being constructed in Kolkata that will connect two of the city’s top tourist destinations.

Busy streets and almost un-crossable roads are something that  many parts of India are renowned for and Kolkata is no different.

The Alipore Zoological Gardens and the city’s Aquarium are just minutes apart – but they are on opposite sides of the same street, which is causing traffic managers in the area no end of trouble.

Some 80,000 visitors flock to the zoo every weekend. During the week between 6,000 and 10,000 people head there, making it the most popular tourist destination in the city.

So, authorities have decided it is about time that an underpass is built to limit traffic disruption.

Speaking to the Times of India, a government official involved in the underpass project said: “People from far-flung states, including Punjab, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra, come to the zoo. It’s a preferred picnic spot for Kolkatans as well – especially because the zoo entertains children and can accommodate the whole family at an affordable cost.”

As well as offering a direct route to the zoo, which was founded around 1800, the underpass will add to the institution’s heritage by depicting key moments in its history. It will also incorporate small aquariums.

Written by Anthony Nicholson

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