Many Indian destinations boast an exceptional charm which is quite amazing to witness at night. The venues swathed in the mystical glow of the moonlight give holidaymakers an experience to relish for a lifetime.

As the glowing red orb descends down the horizon, many Indian cities get ready to play host to all kinds of tourists who are keen to explore the after dark charms. India is a wonderful place whose diversity is truly iconic and it is at its cities where the multicultural marvel truly comes alive. It is not about the nightlife of the cities, it is about the places where people can capture the essence of the city as the night knocks in! Coming up, are some of the most popular after dark holiday destinations of India which are truly worth the bundles spent on air tickets for flights to the nation.

Tranquil Amber around Marine Drive, Mumbai

The entertainment capital of India, Mumbai is among one of the world’s most exciting cities to explore during night. The place reflects a magical magnificence and a romantic aura which best needs to be seen to be believed. The entire Marine Drive stretches to approximately 4.3 kilometres along the natural bay and taking a stroll around the pathway during night is a great way to relish a soothing ambience, which is quite hard to find during any other time of the day. Adding to the beauty is the glittering lights of buildings and the road, and its reflection in the waters which are all enough to leave visitors spellbound. This is also a perfect hangout spot where tourists booking tickets for India bound flights can relish the jovial essence of Mumbai.

Quench the Spiritual Quest at Varanasi Ghats, Varanasi

The numerous Ghats of Varanasi take on a completely different atmosphere at dusk. Spirituality seekers grabbing flights tickets to India and heading towards this holy city will surely be thrilled by the incredible sights and sounds when night falls. Every evening, numerous traditions and rituals take place on these Ghats which celebrate India’s rich and thriving cultural heritage. However, something that sets this special city way apart from others is the Varanasi’s Ganga Mahotsav. This much celebrated event sees the city coming alive with joy and excitement as people float thousands of ‘diyas’ (lamps) on the Ganger River. In the spirit of the event, world renowned musicians perform voluntarily, and include performances that display India’s rich diversity.

Live the Magical Experience at Chikmagalur, Karnataka

Located near Malnad region, the hilly wetlands of the state, Chikmagalur is one such city in India that turns up much before the light is up and shuts down before sun shades in the dark. A wonderful delight in the dense plantations and forests of Chikmagalur often seems to be a mystery but as the night darkens, a surprise awaits the visitors who book air tickets to India to witness this striking natural phenomenon. As the night extends its blanket, travellers will spot little specks of colourful lights scattered throughout the sky. The region is home to India’s highest population of fireflies, attracting many to plan for walking tours of the region. Initially one may wrongly understand them for stars but as the lights get closer, travellers are sure to have one of the most magical experiences in the world.

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