The heart of India, Madhya Pradesh is home to some of the best historical, architectural and natural sites. If an India holiday is on your mind, consider these top cities in Madhya Pradesh before you book your flight to commonly visited Rajasthan, Goa or Kerala:


Famed as the Fort City, Gwalior is reachable from New Delhi, the capital of India on a one-hour flight. The formidable 15th Gwalior Fort, lying on a hilltop offers a panoramic view over the city. The Man Mandir Palace in the fort is an architecture-lover’s delight and boasts ornately carved animals, flowers, and the human patterns. The on-site museum is also a treasure-trove of Jain and Hindu artifacts. Gwalior is also home to an array of stunning temples including Dravidian-style Teli-ka-Mandir and adjoining Sas-Bahu temples. You must check out a replica of Konark’s Sun Temple called Surya Mandir. The city hosts its annual Tansen Music festival in November/December, which is when you can book your flight to India as well.


The capital of Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal is popular as the ‘City of Lakes’ owing to two gorgeous lakes that sit right in the center of the city. Other than the stunning natural beauty the surrounds this city, Bhopal is home to a number of beautiful mosques. Taj-ul-Masjid, the largest mosque in India is located here as are The Jama Masjid and the Moti Masjid of Bhopal. Some of the other significant tourist attractions that you must visit include the Shaukat Mahal, Sadar Manzil, Bharat Bhavan, The Tribal Habitat or Manav Sangrahalaya (the Museum of Man) as well as The Government Archeological Museum. You may also plan a visit to the Bhimbetka caves, located at a convenient distance of 45kms and boasting pre-historic paintings.



Orccha is city immersed deeply in history as is evident through its glorious 16th and 17th century temples and palaces. The Orchha fort complex is a great place to start your discovery of this stunning city. Inside the complex, you can visit The Jahangir Mahal, the Raj Mahal as well as The Rai Parveen Mahal palaces set amidst verdant gardens. Some of the most fascinating temples that you can visit here include The Raja Ram Temple and The Laxminarayan temple. You can also visit Siddh Baba Ka Sthan, Jugal Kishore, Janki Mandir, Dinman Hardul’s palace, Sunder Mahal, and the Hanuman Mandir at Ochharedwara.


Considered to be one of the holiest cities by Hindus, Ujjain is a treasure trove of mind blowing historical sites. The temples of Ujjain are as unique as they get, including one dedicated to Bhaironath (the liquor drinking deity). Some of the most popular ones include the Mangalnath temple, Chintaman Ganesh temple, Har Siddhi Mata and Gopal Mandir. When in Ujjain, you must attend the evening Bhasma Aarti held at the Mahakam temple in the wee hours of the morning. One of the best times to visit Ujjain, however, is during the The Simhastha Kumbh Mela, one of the biggest fairs in the world, held once in every twelve years. To reach Ujjain, you will have to book a flight to New Delhi first and from there fly to Indore, from where Ujjain is located at a two hour’s drive.

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