India is popular for its dense tiger population and tempts many to look for tickets aboard flights to the country to spot the big cats. Corbett, Kanha, Panna and Bandhavgarh are just some of the many popular tiger spotting destinations.


India is one of the most favoured destinations across the globe such that many book tickets on flights arriving in the country, year on year. But the country simply steals the crown when it come to entertaining wildlife lovers and photogs who remain desirous of spotting the royal big cat, tiger, roaming freely in thick woods. There are many tiger reserves in India that pack in enough opportunities for an up-close and personal rendezvous with the big Indian cats. Let’s take a quick tour of some of the most popular destinations in India for those booking tickets aboard flights arriving in the country to spot the beast!!

Corbett Tiger Reserve
One of the most popular nature reserves in India, Corbett Tiger Reserve is crammed with a wide variety of wildlife and birdlife. Located with-in few hundred kilometres of capital city, Delhi, Corbett spreads over a wide area of over 1318-sq-km land. Surrounded by Sal forest and river habitats, this beautiful location in the foothills of the Himalaya is home to Indian tigers, wild elephants, sloth bears, rhesus macaques, langur monkeys, peacocks, romps of otters and many more. This park no doubt ranks high on the popularity polls of holidaymakers netting tickets on flights arriving in India. Travellers can even partake in many other fun activities organized by the concerned authorities to enjoy an extravagant holiday trip.

Panna National Park
Another popular gem that enhances the wild calendar of India is Panna National Park. This renowned national park is a natural habitat of different species of beautiful birds and varied animal species including wild tigers, hungry crocodiles and sloth bears. Not just the animals, but even the scenic beauty comprising a perfect mix of acacia and forest makes it the best place for nature photography for flocks of nature photographers to book air tickets aboard India bound flights. This park is also home to other enthralling species that include wild boars, leopards, dholes and chitals. The history buffs visiting the place can visit the nearby ancient monuments and forts that add spirituality and exoticness to the location.

Kanha National Park
Undoubtedly the most stunning national reserve in India, Kanha National Park is surely one reason that triggers the sale of flights tickets to India. An inspiration to the very famous novel of Rudyard Kipling, The Jungle Book, Kanha is located in the centre of India in southern Madhya Pradesh. The property represents itself as a matchless blend of savannah grasslands and deciduous forest which play a vital part in increasing the overall greenery of the park. Highly rich in flora and fauna, the most spotted species in the reserve is feline mammals which are kept in their natural habitats. Some other species which can be easily spotted in the reserve include chital, wild boars, hyena, langurs and jackals. Reasonably priced entry tickets are charged to enter the reserve and partake in some trilling adventure. Holidaymakers on a high spirit to watch wild animals in their natural habitats must make sure to visit this famous national park.

Bandhavgarh National Park
Bandhavgarh National Park is one of the prominent nature reserves that rank high on the travel itineraries of nature and wildlife lovers on flights to India. The green deciduous forests of the reserve for long have been the preferred playground for the endangered Indian tigers and many other endangered species. The park is home to over 150 species of beautiful birds which also include purple sunbirds and golden orioles. It’s not just the wildlife that sets people on a mad scramble to grab cheap air tickets on flights arriving in India, but the ancient ruins nearby play equal part. The huge statues, forts and man-made caves tempt history enthusiasts and photographers to plan a relaxing trip to this majestic location.

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