India is widely renowned for its rich history and colourful culture. This article takes a peep into some of the popular, culturally rich destinations that entice keen travellers to book tickets onboard flights for holidaying in the country.


India is more about culture than about anything else. There are cities and towns where a tourist not just gets to peek into the country’s history and heritage but also into the deep-rooted culture. Here are 4 such destinations where travelling is as enlightening as it is entertaining, and quite naturally, well worth the monies spent on tickets and holiday deals for the nation.


The state of Rajasthan is located in the north-western pocket of the country and is a miniature India when it comes to history and traditions. The market places of Jaipur and Jodhpur bring forth the old norms of bargaining and several souvenirs and artefacts which remind gracility of the bygone era. While wading through the crowd in the chaotic streets, one encounters turban-clad men ferrying their camels and young village belles moving about with their life. The fairs, festivals and art shows highlight the lost culture, seen eminently through the puppet dance programs and hand-magic tricks. This is a destination for which it is always hard to get last-minute deals for flight tickets.


Khajuraho’s temples enjoy heritage status, and have been amongst the rare prerogatives that set culturally inclined tourists on a quest for cheap deals of flights India and vacation packages for India. They stand out from the rest of the temples of India because of the way they have been depicted. If erotica can have a shape in the form of stone, then it is in these temples that have deities engaging in physically intimate acts. However, the sexuality is not obscene but rather aesthetic.


Flights to Kolkata will drop holidaymakers to a city which is smudged with many pastels of culture. This is the only city in the country where hand-drawn rickshaws are still in operation. It is a living legacy left from the days of the British Raj. Uniqueness of Kolkata also stems from the fact that it is the only city where trams still ply and where metro rail is also in operation. Victoria Memorial, Howrah Bridge and Nandan are some of the attractions that leave visitors gloating over their decision of grabbing flights tickets for the destination.


Delhi is the heart of India. It is a frenetic, vibrant and multi-layered city where every corner gives travellers something new in terms of traditions. Tickets for Delhi bound flights are always in steep demand since the capital of the country is also a strong political and business centre. Its bazaars, street snacks and heritage monuments present a colourful vignette of the country’s culture on the platter.

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