The ban on tiger tourism has been lifted in core sanctuary areas of India. The decision is sure to bring huge smiles to wildlife devotees who planned to grab tickets on flights to the country.

Much to the glee of wildlife enthusiasts taking tickets on flights landing in India, the temporary ban on tourism in core areas of India’s tiger reserves has been lifted in an order passed by the country’s Supreme Court.

Earlier, a temporary court order prohibited tourists taking flights tickets to the country, from accessing “core” zones ( areas where concentration of the animal is highest) of tiger reserves. Now, tourists are permitted in up to 20% of such core regions.

Most tiger parks like the Jim Corbett National Park and Ranthambore National Park, which are popular among foreign wildlife lovers purchasing tickets on India bound flights, allows tourists to visit an even smaller section of core areas anyways.

The verdict is not only going to bring smiles to wildlife buffs who grab India bound flights but also comes as a reprieve to country’s numerous state-run reserves, most of which witnessed a sharp decline in tourist inflow following the ban.

The reserves welcomed the Supreme Court’s decision. Ranthambore, one of the largest national parks in Rajasthan, suffered a major slump in terms of bookings and tickets sales after it opened its doors after the monsoons. But now with the court lifting the ban, officials at Ranthambore hope tourism will pick up again as many travellers book tickets on flights to the country, enamoured by a prospect of a tiger sighting.

Without doubt, wildlife tourism remains one of the most potent charms in India for tourists who seek flights tickets to the nation.

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