The Holy Month of Ramadan will start from 9th of July 2013. Tourists who wish more than just a peek into the religious zeal of the Islam must book tickets on flights to destinations like India.

The holy month of ramadan

Religious Fervour of the Ramadan to Attract Tourists

Tourists who wish to immerse themselves in the true Islamic fervour can book flights tickets and visit any exotic land that celebrates the spirit of Ramadan in the most authentic manner. People can grab hold of tickets on flights to destinations like Dubai, Abu Dhabi or India and add a dash of cultural and religious revelries to their holidays.

In 2013, the Holy Month of Ramadan will start on Tuesday, the 9th of July and will continue for 30 days until Wednesday, the 7th of August. Countries like India, with sizable Islamic population celebrate the festival with great enthusiasm and treat foreign vacationers boarding flights with a great show of cultural resplendence.

While it is a month of fasting and sacred devotion for Muslims around the globe, those who land here during this period can enjoy elaborate fast-breaking evening meals that are simply delicious. Gourmets, who book air tickets to travel to destinations like Delhi in India or Dubai in the UAE during Ramadan, can treat themselves with most mouth-watering culinary preparations. In Delhi, it is the old city area that teems with religious festivities during the late night. It sure is some scene to witness huge late night gatherings drenched in religious enthusiasm.

However, the month is a period of abstinence for Muslims and tourist destinations in Islamic countries like the UAE and others around the world do not observe a lot of tourist friendly activity. Certain protocols are also expected of tourists who are booking tickets on flights to such areas during Ramadan. However, travellers who are able to net flights tickets to countries like India which are highly multicultural and feature a plural society are bound to get the best of the both worlds during Ramadan.

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