Ladakh is a remote and spectacular region

The Singhey Khababs Sindhu Festival which has been taking place in the Ladakh region of north India is being used a springboard for promoting tourism to this wild and mountainous area.

A three-day event, the festival is a celebration of the revered River Sindhu or Indus which rises in the Tibetan mountains and flows through Ladakh.

Ladakh is part of Jammu and Kashmir, the northernmost state of India and it is a place filled with spectacular and untouched vistas.

Leh is the largest settlement in the region and this high-altitude town, sitting at over 3,500m, is dominated by the imposing ruins of the Leh Palace.

The town is serviced by one of the world’s highest airports, which has connections with Delhi.

Commenting on the remoteness of the area, Lonely Planet says: “Isolation has preserved an almost medieval way of life, dictated by the changing seasons.”

Ladakh truly is a world away.

Written by Ruth Norris

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