The ninth month in the traditional Islamic calendar, Ramadan has a very significant place in the festivals that are celebrated worldwide. Muslims from all around the world observe fasting in this month. The completion of month totally depends on the visual sightings of the crescent moon as this is when they break the fast and prepare for the final celebration; Eid-Ul-Fitar.


Ramadan is a one month festival. This year, in 2014, it will start on June 28th (Saturday) and will continue for 30 days till July 27th (Sunday). It is advisable to book flights’ tickets in advance in case of travelling to major places like Delhi as many students and professionals who work abroad will be heading to their homes to celebrate with their family.

Ramadan in Delhi

Ramadan is considered to be the most sacred month in the Islamic Calendar. Delhi has a vibrant community of Muslims who, with their great enthusiasm, turn the city’s streets into a dazzling bazaar. The city gets brimmed with bustling marketplaces that are prepared for the evening meal ‘Iftar’. People who are booking tickets on flights to Delhi during the last week of June should definitely make this as a part of their itinerary. Old Delhi, Jamia Nagar and Nizamuddin are few of the best places where you can gorge on some of the most scrumptious cuisines in the month of Ramadan. Muslims observe fast from dawn until sunset, refraining from any kind of food or any other sensual delights. Before sunrise and after sunset is when the treat takes place. A famous dish called ‘Nihari’ is a must try for those who love non-vegetarian cuisines. The fresh meat, amazing spices and according to the makers, some ‘secret ingredients’ make this dish a mouth-watering treat for meat lovers.

Where to Eat

Delhi undoubtedly has some of the best spots for savouring the heavenly dishes. The spellbinding aroma of multiple delicacies is enough to make even the most strict diet followers to give in to their taste buds. Ustaad Moinuddin at Chandani Chawk is a great place to experience the true pleasure of street foods. There is no place to sit but the food more than makes up for it. Haaji Noora in Sadar Bazaar is renowned for its scrumptious dish ‘Nihari’ (a thick stew of beef or goat meat, cooked for six to eight hours). Meat lovers who have booked tickets to the flights arriving Delhi at the time of Ramadan must not miss this dish. Tawa kebab, Seekh kebab and Mutton korma with sheermal are few other lip-smacking dishes to gorge on. Some other noteworthy places to eat in Delhi at the time of Ramadan are Lazeez Darbar and Ustaad Moinuddin.

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