India, with its diverse geographical, cultural and ethnical elements entice tourist to book flights to this oriental land. The nation has a plethora of attractions which exist within the shroud of anonymity and yet enthral visitors with their beauty and charm.

The enchanted expanses of India often compel tourists to book flights for this diverse and flamboyant nation. There are many places in India which have survived the soaring tide of tourism and have remained unscathed by its implications. These lesser known places have retained their scenic beauty and untouched charms. Tickets to these sheltered lands would mean an entry to a sanctum which is bound to leave the tourists awestruck.

Spiti Valley

Enclosed by the protective arms of the magnanimous Himalayas, this valley is one of the places where the silence of nature resounds to calm the fluttering hearts of the spectators. The Spiti Valley is adorned with wide expanses of unpopulated terrains and pristine lakes, thereby making it a coveted spot for the seekers of undisturbed solitude and peace. Positioned amidst the Indian and Tibetan territories, Spiti also exudes the tranquillity of the Buddhist religion that dominates the region.


Situated on the Western Ghats of the Indian State of Karnataka, Gokarna offers an unspoiled, placid and illuminative experience with its winsome beaches. Tickets for this small and religious town of Gokarna are mostly booked by followers and believers of the Hindu religion as the town is known for its devotional inclination to Lord Shiva. However, the beaches like Om Beach, Paradise Beach and Nirvana Beach are coveted spots for western tourists who wish to experience the quietness of the deserted regions after spending on flights tickets.


The arid lands of Khimsar compel tourists to board flights to this off-beat destination with a plethora of unique experiences it offers. To witness the splendour of the Khimsar Fort is an experience worthy of the money one spends on the air tickets. The Khimsar Dunes Village, situated amidst the expansive sand dunes and complimented by a refreshing oasis provides a much coveted respite to adventurers and explorers boarding flights. There are various activities like wildlife safaris, sightseeing and sports to engage tourists.


The valley of Lahaul in the Indian State of Himachal Pradesh is one of the less trodden destinations of northern India. The valley is home to a wide range of flora which adorns the valley and offer picturesque views. The small villages in Lahaul emanate the brilliance of a culture well preserved and nature which remains untarnished by the indulgences of mankind. There are a number of Buddhist monasteries where one can get an authentic taste of the religious practices which govern the way of life in the region.


The city of Mandu, often referred to as the “city of ruins” is one of the best places to witness the brilliance and finesse of ancient architecture which makes the nation proud. Mandu, in Madhya Pradesh, is strewn with a multitude of architectural exhibits which, owing to their historical significance, attract visitors with their old-world charm. Some places worth visiting are Roopmati’s Pavillion, Ship Palace and Jama Masjid.

These seemingly desolate locations of the country are blessed with some of the most exclusive natural and man-made wonders, and thereby deserve to be on the itineraries of all travellers blocking tickets and boarding flights to the great old country!

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