People out in Mumbai over new year could notice something unusual about the city’s bars and clubs.

Travellers taking flights to Mumbai who intend to have a night out in the city to celebrate the arrival of 2012 could find that the bars and clubs of the city are strangely quiet.

Many establishments across Mumbai are to be open until 05:00 local time on January 1st 2012 as they extend their opening hours to meet the demands of revellers.

However, while the Bombay High Court has allowed these venues to remain open, they will not be allowed to play music.

Instead, they will have to abide by the music curfew of 01:30 which is in place as standard around the city.

“We have no problem letting them play loudspeakers till 05:00. However, if there are no such orders, then none of them would be allowed to play music beyond 01:30,” said police officer Sheela Sahil.

Some travellers on flights to Mumbai could find other things to entertain them instead, with the city recently playing host to its first ever flashmob event.

Written by Anthony Nicholas

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