Mizoram, a state in the North East of India, is a land of immeasurable beauty hence it is slowly emerging as a leading tourist attraction in the country. Following is some must know information before buying tickets on flights to the destination.


Mizoram, often referred to as “the land of the Blue Mountains”, is one of the remotest parts of India and shares international borders with the neighbouring countries of Bangladesh and Myanmar. The remote location has ensured that the Mizo way of life has been preserved through the centuries as has been the environment, hence the cities of this part of India are considered to be among the cleanest in the subcontinent. International travellers looking for an off-beat adventure in India among these rolling evergreen hills should book their tickets aboard flights to India any international airport in the country. The capital Aizawl is home to a domestic terminal which handles flights from key gateway airports across the country.

The Local Lore

The ancient settlers are believed to be emigrants from China who came to this region of India and settled about three centuries ago. During British rule, Mizoram was annexed and included in Assam, a neighbouring state. Since 1972, it has been a part of India and a diamond in the rough for the tourism industry. Those who buy air tickets to reach the capital city of Aizawl are often amazed that most of the populace speaks and understands English; however there is a good explanation. Since the early 19th Century Christian Missionaries from all over the world have spread their teachings here and the population mostly follows the Christian faith.

Major Urban Destinations

The largest city of Mizoram is the capital Aizawl, which is also the location of a domestic airport that handles flights from all over India. Apart from this, other major urban centres of the region include Champhai, Thenzawl and Lunglei. Travelling across the state is easily possible by booking taxis or buying tickets to avail the cheap public transport. There are also two hill stations – Reiek and Hmuifang, which are popular among those seeking a summer retreat in the North East.

Key Attractions

Nature enthusiasts visiting the Murlen National Park and Dampa Tiger Reserve are sure to be left gloating about their decision to purchase tickets aboard flights terminating in this part of the country. The highest mountain peak here, Phawngpui, is famed internationally for the numerous naturally occurring rhododendron and orchid species. The lakes of Palak Dil and Tam Dil are favoured day outing/picnic destinations while the scenic waterfalls such as Vantawng Falls that are spread throughout the region among lush evergreen forests are sure to leave travellers speechless.

Those seeking to pick up memorabilia or arts and crafts before boarding long haul flights to back home should visit the Bara Bazar at Aizawl. Culture vultures who buy air tickets to reach this part of India can also visit museums like the Mizoram State Museum for a close look as the customs of the Mizos. Wine enthusiasts are sure to enjoy the local brew served at the many joints across Champhai, which is the region’s key wine district. In short, this hidden gem of a tourist destination is sure to leave globetrotters gloating about their decision to buy tickets aboard flights that terminate here.

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