The whole of life is a journey which is defined by the paths we choose, the stops we make, the roads not taken, and the memories made on the way. And a long journey on a train is one of the best ways to take a step back and understand and appreciate life better and enjoy its beauty and the many pleasures it has bestowed upon us. Add to it dollops of luxury, and you have crafted for yourself one of the best experiences that life has to offer.


If we’ve managed to evoke an incurable case of wanderlust, here are top five luxury train journeys in India for an experience whose memories will warm you for years to come:

Palace on Wheels

Fashioned after the refurbishing the personal travel coaches of the royals of the princely states of Rajputana, Gujarat, the Nizams of Hyderabad and the British Viceroys, the Palace on Wheels was one of the first luxury tourist trains to be introduced in India. Starting at Jaipur, Rajasthan, the train embarks on a 7-day journey through the magnificent forts and palaces of Rajasthan, and takes you on an exploration of the rich heritage, cultures and traditions of the state. You also make a stop at Agra, the land of Taj Mahal and learn about its history. Often counted as one of the most luxurious train travels in the world, a Palace of Wheels trip offers all the indulgences you would expect from such a journey.

The Golden Chariot

An initiative of the Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation, a journey on the Golden Chariot is one of the most fascinating ways to explore the culture-laden south of India. Taking its passengers through the Indian states of Karnataka, Goa, Kerala & Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry, the train serves luxury in each of its 11 guest cabins that have been named after the ancient dynasties of India. Equipped with an Ayurvedic spa and intricate lounges, the train parallels the beauty of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites it covers on its journey from the inside as well.

Royal Rajasthan on Wheels

Acquainting you with regal Rajasthan and the many dimensions of its hospitality, architecture, culture and traditions, the Royal Rajasthan on Wheels brings you face-to-face with stunning palaces, forts, markets and deserts of Rajasthan. A part of your Rajasthan hospitality chapter is covered inside the train through service and amenities that flatter your senses with their warmth and tastefulness.

Maharajas’ Express

The latest entrant to the fleet of luxury trains in India, the Maharajas’ Express comes with as much edge. Furnished with opulent amenities, the train offers as many as eight grand tours in India, each covering a different route across north, west and central India, and emphasising on a unique aspect of Indian history, culture, traditions and values. You’ll be served in the style of the Indian royalty as you feed your wanderlust on the mesmerising vistas of temples, rivers, forests and mountains.

The Deccan Odyssey

The Deccan Odyssey is your best bet if you are looking to explore the magnificence of the Indian states of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat in one of the most luxurious ways possible. Travelling across six routes, the train takes you through verdant paddy fields, quaint villages, white-sand beaches, vast vineyards, awe-inspiring caves and monuments among many other beholding sights. Equipped with multi-cuisine restaurants, rejuvenating spas, massage cabins designed after the architecture of the royal carriages, the Deccan Odyssey takes you as much back in the past as it does forward towards your destination.

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