Hotel Price Index (HPI) report 2012 reveals a two percent hike in Indian hotel tariffs. Though a meagre hike, budget travellers on flights to India are sure to feel the pinch while booking Indian hotels. recently released the Hotel Price Index report that revealed a modest hike of 2 percent in Indian hotel tariffs and 4 percent average rise, worldwide. The Hotel Price Index (HPI) report is a regular survey of hotel prices in major travel spots across the globe.

Various online sources quoted Abhiram Chowdhry,’s senior Marketing Director for Asia Pacific, as saying, “Hotel room prices in India have shown only a marginal rise and Indian hotels continue to be attractive for both domestic and international travellers. The F1 race held in India is an indication that the country has the potential to host iconic international events and will continue to be one of the preferred destinations for travellers.”

This report revealed that Kerala’s hotel tariffs ranked highest with average rates of 93.47 GBP despite having registered a nine percent fall in average room rates. Mumbai and New Delhi, popular gateways for those taking flights to India, were next at 82.81 GBP and 74.89 GBP, after respective rises of three percent and nine percent.

Kolkata slipped to fourth position after registering the biggest fall of 20 percent to 67.32 GBP. India-bound tourists looking for airline tickets on cheap flights to India will now have to shell out more on accommodation alternatives.

While Mumbai offered the best deals on five-star accommodation at 128.85 GBP per night, New Delhi’s 5 star lodgings were priced 137.71 GBP per night.

Besides quality accommodations, the award-winning airports, cultural tours, delightful sightseeing, and entertainment galore make Indian cities immensely popular in the world tourism circuit.

Despite the increase in hotel tariffs, India has the lowest average room rate of 53.52 GBP per night. With 19 percent rise in room rates, Switzerland remains the most expensive with average room rate of 132.92 GBP per night followed by UK, which recorded a rise of 7 percent to 113.53 GBP.

The latest edition of HPI report featured 27 countries including India, the UK, the US, Canada, Singapore, Greece, Italy, Japan, Australia and many others that holiday makers continue to look cheap flights for.

Additionally, the report indicated that the hotel rates have been “volatile in the latter half of 2011 with some countries experiencing significant rises”.

However, there has been a significant fall in the hotel tariffs in Germany, South Africa, Canada and Japan. Mr. Chowdhry said “It is a good time also for Indian travellers to venture out to other international destinations such as Germany, South Africa, Canada and Japan given the significant fall in hotel room rates in these markets.”

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