In order to showcase the variety and to lure more people into booking flights to India, the Union Ministry of Tourism (MoT) has launched the ‘Incredible Tiffin’ campaign, an initiative by Cuisine Society of India at ITC Maurya.

A unique initiative of the Indian Ministry of Tourism called ‘Incredible Tiffin’ was recently launched in New Delhi which aims at increasing the number of foreign tourist booking flights to India by promoting the delectable Indian food from different regions and communities of the country.

‘Incredible Tiffin’ campaign, an initiative by Cuisine Society of India was launched at ITC Maurya, New Delhi. Under this project, local ethnic food will be offered in tiffin (colloquially referred in India as a ‘dabba’) to people outside the country, in a bid to lure them into looking for cheap flights to India by giving them an idea of the variety of food available in India!

The initiative is a part of the ‘Incredible India’ campaign of the tourism ministry which was launched to attract higher number of foreign tourists taking flights to India and has been successfully able to put India as a high end tourist destination on the global tourism map. Sources reveal that it took the Cuisine Society of India four years to come up with Incredible Tiffin as a concept.

While launching the campaign, Subodh Kant Sahai, India’s Minister of Tourism, said: “Indian cuisine has spirit, influence, passion and zeal to attract tourists. With the Incredible Tiffin being launched, we aim to attract five million more tourists to India.”

Food is an integral part of Indian charm and an inescapable lure for many to plan holiday tour in the country. Every Indian state and territory boasts delightful local delicacies and attracts a fair number of tourists seeking culinary pursuits to book tickets on cheap flights to India to discover the country’s food paradise!

Online sources quoted Manisha Bhasin, Executive Chef, ITC Maurya, New Delhi as saying “Foreign tourists have a limited idea about Indian food. Unlike other countries the specifications of Indian food change every 100 kilometres and with each region, community and ethnic household kitchen. The basic idea was to gather huge spread of culinary offerings under one umbrella of Indian dabba.”

V Sunil, the Creative Director of earlier ‘Incredible India’ and of the latest ‘Incredible Tiffin’ concept too was quoted in news reports as saying: “We can’t keep selling the Taj Mahal again and again in name of tourism. We need to explore wider areas and hence we decided to go deeper in to the food culture.”

He added: “Packaging has always ruled the market. We have rich variety of cuisines but they needed to be packaged and presented well. So we decided to come up with something which had contemporary packaging with local connect and appeal.”

The campaign is a unique way to acquaint the uninitiated foreign visitors who grab airline deals with the variety of choices in Indian food.

“Incredible Tiffin” provides a carefully packaged platter of some of the unique cuisines clearly suggesting what the foreign travellers should look for in Indian food when they travel to India.

The use of different tiffin carriers indicate different communities and regions. The rich Delhvi cuisine is the first to be introduced in the campaign. Food from Delhi will have two categories – Farmaishi (royal) cuisine and Saadgi (common man’s) food. Sources revealed that a sample Delhi tiffin will have four common and popular cuisines from Kayasthas, Vaish, Muslim and Punjabi communities.

In addition, under this campaign, Indian food weeks will be held all over the globe. And tiffin boxes, food maps, books and pamphlets will be available for sale as memorabilia.

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