India is a popular destination for honeymooning. Beaches and hill stations of the country are much sought by honeymooners and other couples who get hold of flights’ tickets only to revel in the natural grace of the country.

honeymoon-in-indiaIndia’s unparallel diversity has led people to believe in the viability of the country as a fantastic holiday stopover. All kinds of people seem keen on boarding flights that fly directly/indirectly to different parts of this massive nation. While history and cultural enthusiasts find this country an opportunity too irresistible to let pass, even luxury and modern-day tourists are betting their money on India to play out their fancies. But here it is about the honeymoon tourism in India that we are going to talk about.

Beaches and hill stations, though portraying conflicting geological dioramas, are united in their appeal to attract honeymooners. For honeymooners who are spending money on tickets and flights for travelling to the country, it is either the brilliant sun-drenched beaches or the incredible charm of mountainous chill. But for some, who wish the best of India, it is often the both! Find out the Indian beaches and hill stations that draw in hordes of newly-weds.

Beaches in India
With a long coastline, India is an ideal place where people can play out their seashore desires. The following two could easily be the biggest beachside destinations in the country.

Goa: Honeymoon or not, Goa is one destination in India that is just plain sin to ignore after investing on flights to the Asian country! The wonderful beaches that are found in this province of India are among the finest and are likely to promulgate the feelings of romance and love among those visiting. The variety of beach stretches ensures that all fantasies are catered to. So while Baga is more of a vivacious hub with great nightlife and never ending parties, Agonda is much calmer with scenic setting and a serene aura. Travellers, who wish to squeeze the maximum out from their trip to India and also from the money spent to buy air tickets, Goa is certainly a no-miss. And if it is the honeymooners who are boarding flights to the country, nothing could be more scandalous than leaving out of Goa from the holiday itinerary! The rather liberal atmosphere, presence of several luxury resorts and the availability of great seafood further enhances the reputation of this smallest Indian state.

Kerala: Kerala is extremely alluring and is perhaps the fastest growing Indian destination in terms of tourism. The lure of this Indian province lies in its remarkable natural beauty that’s best highlighted at its backwaters, fantastic Ayurvedic resorts and an overall impression of tranquillity and calmness. It is not just the foreigners who are booking flights to the state of Kerala, but even domestic travellers within India are looking keener to spend their honeymoon at this beautiful province. The beaches at Kerala are second to none. Some would say they are too quiet. It could be the case but what it lacks in vivaciousness, it makes up with beauty. And anyways, for love birds a little privacy is not a bad thing. Kovalam, Varkala, Thankassery and Kappad are few examples where couples can hope to enjoy beauty of emerald waters and velvety sands.

Hill stations
Hill stations in India are more or less concentrated around the Himalayan regions. People who have a liking for snow-capped peaks, winter sports, warm bonfires can surely book tickets on flights that take you to any of the two places mentioned.

Shimla: Shimla (Simla) is a beautiful city in the northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. It was once the summer capital of the Colonial British but now it is an exceedingly popular holiday destination that offers an escape from the blistering Indian summer. Newly weds will love this cool and charming town that spreads along a mountain ridge and is considerably green. Apart from taking in the scenic charms of the place, people can check out the certain historical structures and houses that dot the town. Shimla is hugely popular with domestic tourists and during the peak summers (May-July), the place is packed in like peas in a pod. For foreign tourists and particularly for honeymooners who deserve privacy, summer is not the best time to book tickets on flights to the town. It is much better to jump aboard Shimla bound flights during other times of the year.

Darjeeling: Talking about flights, it is not a bad idea to secure airline tickets on services that take you to Darjeeling, a beautiful town in the Indian state of West Bengal. Of course, this small town has no airport and the nearest one is at Bagdogra, around 100kms away, for which flights are available from Kolkata international airport. Well, enough about flights and tickets let us talk about the magical land – Darjeeling. It is regarded as the queen of hill stations in India and for a reason. Darjeeling is blessed with tremendous wildlife, superb flora, expansive tea plantations, exquisite hilltops and peaceful monasteries. For an all-rounded honeymoon, there would be very few competitors of Darjeeling in India. Don’t forget to book tickets for the Toy Train journey that has come to symbolise the town world over!

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