It is indeed a thrilling experience to witness the poise and grace of one of the most ferocious, yet majestic, beasts of the wild- the Asiatic lion, a species which compels many beholders to book flights to the Indian state of Gujarat.


Tucked in the massive expanses on the western part of India is the much acclaimed Gir Forest National Park which encompasses over a thousand kilometres of varied kinds of forest ranges.

Being a safe haven for one of the most magnificent beasts of all times, the Asiatic lions, the forest sees a large congregation of naturalists, wildlife enthusiasts and other travellers who wish to witness the beauty of these predators roaming comfortably in their natural habitat.

The Asiatic lion is indeed the highlight of the Gir Forest National Park but is certainly not the only attraction. The large area of impeccably preserved and restored forests is home to hundreds of other species of flora and fauna which magnetize tourists from far and wide and encourage them to book tickets on flights to India.

The Location and Accessibility
The Gir Forest National Park is located in Junagadh District of Gujarat. The railway station at Rajkot and the airport at Diu, along with a conglomeration of local transport choices, sustain the ease of connectivity to and from the park. Tourists who book tickets on flights to India to explore the park can make the best of these transportation means in order to reach the destination.

The Specifics- Flora and Fauna
The park witnesses a harmonious union of varied types of flora which includes the dry deciduous forest, the mixed forest and the open scrub. It is one place where the blessings of Mother Nature can be witnessed in the form of a perfect balance in the atmosphere, the aridity of which is compensated for by these forests.

These phenomena often allure hordes of environmentalists to book flights tickets to this amazing destination in order to delve deeper into the myriad wonders of nature.

The Gir Forest National Park also takes pride in its diverse range of fauna. The park houses over two thousand species of creatures which are unique in their own way. The Asiatic lion albeit commands the limelight and graces the visitors with its royal presence. For tourists who travel many miles in order to feast their eyes on it, the experience of doing so is worth a lot more than the money they invest on tickets aboard flights to India.

Other species which inhabit the forest include beasts of prey like the Indian leopards, striped hyenas and golden jackals. The natural food chain of these ferocious beasts is sustained by their herbivorous counterparts like the sambal, chikara and chital. Bird watchers who book tickets on flights to Gujarat are delighted at the prospect of finding a plethora of winged beauties like the crested serpent eagle, pygmy woodpecker and the Bonelli’s Eagle which is an endangered species.

Guided Tours and Safaris
The Gir Forest National Park is maintained by the Forest Department of Gujarat. And when it comes to immaculate maintenance, the governing body collaborates with a number of private agencies and delights tourists who book tickets to the park with a number of guided tours and safaris.

These excursions have been designed to ensure that the visitors get to see the best of Gir without posing a threat to the natural environment and its inhabitants. The tours are classified into categories like Gir Lion Tour, Gir Jeep Safari, Gir Wildlife Tour, Gir Bird watching Tour and many other that are tailor-made to ensure that visitors can pick the one they fancy the most.

Most people who book flights to India to explore and experience Gir opt for the lion tour which is carried out by three safari tours that are permitted each day. Visitors may choose their safari timings according to their preferences, however, the morning safari which commences at 6.30 AM is considered to be the best bet for those who would not want to miss the chance of gazing at the majestic Asiatic lion.

Accommodation Facilities
Being one of the significant tourist attractions of India, the Gir Forest National Park has a number of hotels and resorts which lie in close proximity. Tourists arriving on flights may opt for places like Vanvaso Resort, Fern Gir Forest Resort, Gir Jungle Lodge and Maneland Jungle Lodge among many others.

Best Time to Visit
The best time to visit the Gir Forest National Park is from October to June. Tourits who are keen to see the best of the flora and fauna are advised to book their tickets accordingly as being a natural habitat for many species, the tours and safaris of Gir are also subjected to climatic conditions in order to ensure uninterrupted and fruitful excursions.

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