The number of people spending time on holiday in Goa has been increasing sharply.

The number of people spending time in Goa on holiday has been increasing as more people realise the appeal of the stunning Indian coast.

Panaji Tuesday, director of Goa’s tourism department, announced during a tourism function that the area had seen 2.68 million visitors over the last year.

He explained the nation has also seen an increase in the number of people visiting from overseas, with 480,000 people coming from overseas.

This increase also served to boost the number of flights that landed at the region’s airport, with 9,000 chartered flights arriving there during the year.

The success of the region is mainly down to the high numbers of European travellers who visit the area between October and March each year in order to enjoy the warm weather and beaches.

Up until the early 1960s, Goa was an outpost for Portugal that the country had colonised in 1510. The region was officially recognised as a state, making it India’s smallest, in 1987.

Written by Alex Cochrane

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