Goa is best known for its spectacular beaches however, travellers seeking flights tickets to admire discerning facets of the smallest state in India can also consider riding through its terrains on a bicycle. Let’s figure out the few questions regarding cycling in Goa.


Surreal surroundings, dazzling beaches, flamboyant lifestyle and grandiose culture summarise the magnificence of Goa; one of the smallest states of India with the grandest entertainment of the year i.e. New Year Celebrations. This tourist-centric region in South-western India is an ever-enchanting lure for beachcombers and party animals. However, to explore the hidden charms and off beat cultural aspects, one should consider travelling around the majestic state on a bicycle. While booking tickets for Goa bound flights online, travellers can also search for cycling clubs that are available in abundance to enjoy a group trip through varied terrains, roads connecting rural areas and Western Ghats, one of the best Biodiversity Hotspots in the world. It is not mandatory that cyclists need to be a part of expedition groups rather they can prepare their own itinerary or schedule and follow it right after disembarking flights at Goa’s international airport, Dabolim.

cycling-in-goaMany avid bicyclists often face several qualms concerning biking tour in Goa. Here is a list of few aspects that must be considered before spending on air tickets and overall holidays in India.

What makes Goa an apt place for biking?

Firstly, Goa is a year round tourist destination featuring warm and tropical weather. Hence, bikers can grab cheap air tickets for any season to excurse through flat coastline, mountains and agriculture fields. Terrains in this state of India are lure for cyclists of all levels. Whilst planning a cycling tour, travellers won’t come across any difficulty in finding affordable accommodation options. One can choose to stay at beachside hostels and low priced lodges. Roads are well-maintained and a short drive from urban areas takes travellers to quaint villages flourished with rich traditions and culture. Few of the holidaymakers are quite concerned about their safety while reserving flights arriving in any part of India. However, Goa is one of the safest regions thus they can roam around in the state without getting into any hassles.     

Bringing or Renting

Avid cyclists yearning to add an exciting India tour on their travel diaries while measuring the magnificence of Goa on their bicycles might get confused that whether they should bring their own eco-friendly conveyance or rent it out from local vendors. Renting is the most viable option for those who just want to experience the pedalling for a day or just to cover the shorter distances. On the other hand, experts looking forward to cover longer paths should consider bringing their own bikes and they need to get in touch with the airline before reserving tickets on flights arriving in Goa.

Who can indulge in this activity?

Cycling is one of those activities that are suitable and recommended for every age group to remain fit and healthy. Roads in this part of India are quite easy for riding which means tourists don’t need to be an athlete to admire different facets of Goa. However, a little expertise is required to excurse through mountains. Amateurs netting tickets aboard flights to enjoy biking in the entertainment capital of India should contemplate on covering shorter distances. To keep away from any kind of inconvenience, bikers should wear comfortable clothes and carry drinking water in addition to wearing quality cycling gear.

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