Monsoon of Mumbai has a distinct charm that lets holidaymakers witness the magic of the rainy season. The below article discusses two most popular places to explore in the city and some handy tips to keep in mind when booking tickets for flights during monsoon.

Mumbai prides itself as one of the most amazing monsoon destinations in the world such that many holidaymakers plan their holidays in India notwithstanding the hardships that the season brings along. As monsoon rolls in the city, life undergoes an almost incredible transformation with the cold gusts of wind blowing in clouds filled with rain and the aroma of wet earth refreshing the minds, souls and senses. Trees around the entire city sprout new leaves, flowers and a wonderful blanket of shining green spreads over the entire region that allows the visitors to get drenched in its unique charm. The monsoon in Mumbai starts from mid June and lasts till the end of August. Here is a quick rundown of some of the fantastic stamping grounds to savour the splendour of adoring breezes and rainy weather after disembarking flights bound for Mumbai.

Marine Drive

Affectionately dubbed as ‘The Queen’s Necklace’, Marine Drive is dotted with a row of sparkling lights which makes this three kilometre stretch a premier destination amongst travellers netting tickets aboard flights arriving in India. Located in south Mumbai, this is the best place to experience the best of monsoon as the tiny drizzles blend into the immense ocean and high tides greet the holidaymakers with vigorous splashing. Global travellers may join the local crowd sauntering along the promenade or walk down and stare out into the spellbinding Arabian Sea.

Juhu Beach

Yet another tantalizing tourist spot that catches the fancy of almost every tourist taking tickets for flights to Mumbai is Juhu Beach. Situated in the plush Mumbai suburbs, this superb beach is crammed full of local snack stalls which offer some of the best fast-foods in the entire country. The tourists can enjoy the best of rain showers here and get the maximum of their valuable time spent with family, friends and loved ones.

Tips and Advices

Here’s a list of some important tips and advice which the global visitors must pay heed to ensure that monsoon holidays in Mumbai do not turn a washout.

  • Pack well while travelling to Mumbai during the rainy season. Pack in more of synthetic clothes as they are very light and dry out quickly. Also do not forget to carry raincoat, umbrella, rain-proof boots and water-proof luggage bags with you.
  • Contagious diseases are quite common in the city during the monsoon season thus travellers taking flights to India must not forget to carry a medical kit with the luggage. Do not feel hesitated to consult local doctor during smallest symptom of early sickness.
  • Be cautious of the contaminated water and food which prove to be a monsoon hazard. Always prefer bottled and mineral water, eat properly cooked food and make sure to wash fruits carefully. Avoid cold drinks and better stick to hot beverages such as tea and coffee.
  • A good lukewarm water bath is advisable after a long day spent outdoors in the rain to avoid any kind of infection.
  • Holidaymakers travelling with self-owned or hired road vehicles must take prior report regarding the road and weather conditions of the planned destination.

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