Among the gamut of festivals that India celebrates, Diwali flaunts a unique charm and significance. The festival seems an amazing cultural extravaganza that tempts many tourists to grab air tickets and land in the country’s various corners!


Dazzling display of lights, sparkling fireworks piercing the night sky, beautifully illuminated markets and malls, heightened shopping frenzy, unceasing queues at stores and sweetshops, and smiling faces and jazzy celebrations all around – Diwali is unarguably one of India’s most coveted religious fests. For Hindus, the day marks the victory of good over evil. Though the entire country seems to immerse deep in astounding festival enthusiasm, there are certain places in India where Diwali, also known as Deepawali, is celebrated at an altogether different level, regaling locals and visitors with unbridled merrymaking.

An amalgamation of inimitable revelry and interesting ritualistic practice, which vary from one place to other, creates a truly mesmeric visual feast for all. No wonder, hordes of international tourists plan their India holidays keeping in mind this Indian equivalent of Christmas! If that seems to be the trigger for you as well, here are five places you should visit to witness the best Diwali celebrations in India.


Undoubtedly, Delhi, the capital of India, is among the best place to celebrate and observe Diwali. The jubilance dons epic proportions here, with stunning decorations, vibrant markets, glistening lighting and a grand evening of fire crackers. The umpteen flashy Diwali Melas (carnivals/fairs) that take place in various parts of the city also bring one close to the ravishing Indian cultures! Head to the Dilli Haat Mela, South Delhi, where people of varied races and regions celebrate the fest harmoniously! Apart from enjoying authentic food from all parts of the country, there are plenty of interesting items you can buy as souvenirs.


The carnival moves on and hits the pious land of Amritsar, the city which beholds the holiest Sikh shrine, Golden Temple. But the religious distinction never lets the celebration hold fire! In fact, it only intensifies. For a unique visual fiesta, make sure to visit the Golden Temple on Diwali night. With brightly lit diyas and decorative lighting, the incredible structure sparkles like moon in the black sky! The evening brings out the celebratory zeal among locals and let them drench in the confetti of delights, with various fairs, attractions and other festival related charms available for all. International tourists taking flights for this part of India surely mustn’t miss out on this regaling affair!


Tickets on flights to Jaipur are pretty popular as well around the ‘Festival of Lights’. The Pink City is one place that holds the traditional spirit of Diwali. Here, all residences and business establishments are brightly lit with small, cup-shaped oil lamps and/or electric lightning. The popular Johari Market acquires a stupendous charm with hordes of decorated stalls and shops selling Diwali-special items, clothes and food; it is indeed the place where best Diwali shopping happens in Jaipur! Quite justly, hordes of culture-enthusiasts can be seen rummaging on the web for cheap air tickets onboard flights for holidaying in Jaipur during this enchanting fete.


For Goans, merrymaking is not exactly a scheduled affair, but Diwali surely adds another tinge to it. The fest has a unique cultural significance for this smallest state of India and hence is celebrated in a rather distinct way. The large and scary effigies of Demon Naraksura are burned a day before Diwali. The evening progresses into one rhapsodic affair with wonderful cultural dances and activities promising culture-vultures boarding flights for Goa a mesmeric treat! The young would not be left disappointed either, as the state hosts enthralling night parties which go on till early hours of the morning. Truly, this excellent mix of culture, nature and modernism at the beach capital of India is worth every penny spent on flights’ tickets and hotel deals!


In the ‘City of Joy’, Kolkata, this day is celebrated as ‘Kali Puja’. The celebrations, much in contrast with rest of India, are dedicated to the Hindu Goddess, Durga! In Kolkata, temples are decorated and pandals are set up to venerate the Goddess. Devotees congregate at these pious places to worship the deity and feast on the sacrificial goat! Homes are embellished with colourful rangolis and candles, while the markets are filled with a variety of traditional items as well as mouth-watering Bengali cuisines. Crackers are burst to welcome the Goddess.

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