Delhi has always remained a compelling stopover for true epicureans from all across the globe. The city is dotted with some amazing choices of restaurants that offer a rich culinary experience to travellers taking tickets on flights to Indian capital.

It is not quite often that one comes across such a tourist destination where natural grandeur blends effortlessly with the ethnical medley and where fine dining meets amazing choices. Visitors will find Delhi a remarkable treasure trove for gourmands. The delectable cuisines of the city have almost no equivalent within the subcontinent thus setting the travellers on a mad quest to grab air tickets aboard flights arriving in India. The assorted ethnic dining scene of the city rewards foreigners the most for their huge monies spent on flights tickets to India. Here’s a quick look at some of the popular eateries that promise one of the best dining experiences in Delhi.


Serving a world of local Indian flavours, Bukhara is surely considered the most preferred eating joint by travellers disembarking Delhi bound flights for a perfect holiday. This famous restaurant has successfully attained an iconic name amongst the global visitors owing to its great food and wonderful hospitality. The property recreates the charm of the traditional clay oven with its matchless art of preparing different cuisines. The star dishes of Bukhara are Sikandri Raan, the much renowned Dal Bukhara, juicy Tandoor-Cooked Kebabs and various platters which promise to offer a matchless sampling of the menu’s best features. The iconic Mughlai flavour of the restaurant has long been a strong reason propelling the sale of air tickets to Delhi among keen foodies.

The Karim’s

There is no better place than the much celebrated The Karim’s in Delhi for delving into the richness of local Indian dining scene. This authentic food-joint is a true bliss for non-vegetarian lovers as the place offers a tempting menu of delectable Mughlai cuisines. The restaurant promises to offer visitors a peek into the past with its various dishes that include mouth-watering Kababs and delicious mutton delicacies, regaling even the erstwhile royals of the land! Moreover, The Karim’s even serves a fantastic array of traditional Indian breads that include Stuffed Naan and paper-thin Rosalie Roti that goes best with the spicy curries. The spellbinding ambience of the property is also perhaps amongst the most acclaimed highlights of the eatery, tempting global epicureans to net air tickets on flights scheduled for India.

Dum Pukht

Rated amongst some of the most excellent dining restaurants in the capital, Dum Pukht is an exclusive treat for every gourmet reserving tickets on flights departing for Delhi. A visit to this well famed Indian eating house is a must for every international tourist who wishes to enjoy the real taste of India in style and utter luxury. This place is best known in the world for its freehanded use of spices and an all-inclusive menu which is sure enough to cater to everybody’s needs. The surprising variety of aromatic dishes served here is slowly cooked in sealed deghs with handpicked spices that add a delicate infusion of flavours.

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