This weekend will see the Indian city of Delhi celebrate Holi, a colourful Hindu festival.

Travellers taking flights to Delhi will be treated to a festival of colour this weekend, as the traditional Hindu festival of Holi gets underway in the Indian city.

Holi is celebrated every year in India as local Hindus pay tribute to the god Krishna and the good harvest by taking to the street and smearing everyone with coloured powders and water.

No-one is exempt, so tourists are advised to wear old clothes as everyone gets covered with the colourful gulal powders and coloured water.

This year, Holi will take place on March 20th, and the celebrations start on the eve of Holi with a bonfire or Holi ka Dahan, signifying the victory of good over evil.

The festival also features traditional sweets like gujiyas, puran polis and drinks, so you can get an authentic taste of Indian culture.

Book your flights to Delhi now and you can take part in this playful festival and get a real feel for the local culture.

Written by Anthony Nicholson

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