Ahmedabad is one Indian destination that inundates its visitors with attractions galore! Sabarmati Ashram, Jhulta Minarets and Bhadra Fort are just some of the many draws that make sightseers scramble for tickets aboard flights to this city in India.

Dubbed as the ‘Manchester of the East’, Ahmedabad is one of the most fascinating corners of the mystic land of India. Steeped deep in brightly-coloured history and soaked in mesmeric charisma, this Indian city fascinates its visiting rovers with its quaint historical parade, bustling bazaars and cosmopolitan ambiance. All thanks to its superb attractions, the destination has found thousands of suitors and admirers including thousands of Britons who are often to be seen in a lookout for tickets aboard cheap flights arriving here. Let’s look at top sightseeing excuses behind the ever-increasing demand of tickets aboard flights arriving in this part of India.

Sabarmati Ashram
Unarguably Ahmedabad’s premier attraction, Sabarmati Ashram remains a compelling stopover for every culture vulture who books air tickets onboard flights arriving in India for a cultural overdose. Sabarmati Ashram is the erstwhile home of Mahatma Gandhi and has now been turned to a beautiful museum that exhibits belongings of Mahatma Gandhi and the freedom movement of India. With its fascinating history and thought-provoking exhibits, Sabarmati Ashram is something that visitors booking tickets on flights destined for India would never like to miss out on.

Bhadra Fort
For those infatuated with history, Bhadra Fort unfolds as the place to start the sightseeing adventure. It is one of the most alluring monuments that glitter with the charm and aura of medieval times. Nestled amidst lush greenery, the fort depicts the history and life of Alam Sha and his family who once ruled over the city. Over the years, this fort has transcended to become one of the premier attractions in town and the best place to get acquainted with destination’s rich history.

Sidi Sayed Mosque
Located inside the sprawling Bhadra Fort complex, Sidi Sayed Mosque is an attraction worth all one’s expenses made on air tickets for holidays to the destination. Built back in the year 1573, Sidi Sayed Mosque impresses with its beautiful murals and impressive dome which reflects the beautiful design and architectural genius of the era gone by. One of the not to be missed attractions for sightseers on flights to the city, Sidi Sayed Mosque promises some of the most fascinating holiday experiences to its visitors.

Jhulta Minar
A mystery for even the most learned of technocrats and architects, Jhulta Minar makes for another prominent sightseeing charm in the city and promise a fascinating rendezvous with Ahmedabad’s architectural genius and technical expertise. The tower unfolds as a specimen of craftsmanship of the era gone by in Ahmedabad. The attraction surprises most sightseers on India bound flights to the city and makes them think on how these towers still retain their elegance and grace even after so many years.

Teen Darwaza
Teen Darwaza happens to be one of the most prominent crowd pullers in the metropolis, which tempts many to book air tickets to the city, each year. This historical landmark is a triple domed gateway that faces the majestic Bhadra Fort. The attraction impresses with its architectural style and sweeping views of the destination, such that it arrests the attention of most sightseers who book tickets on India bound flights to the metropolis for holidays.

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