A trip to India remains exciting but picking the best spot is often puzzling for most visitors who book tickets on flights to the nation. Amritsar could be the best bet for sightseers planning to explore country’s culture, history and spirituality.


Amritsar packs in dozens of spiritually stimulating sites, culturally rich attractions and historically important landmarks! In fact, the panoply of colonial relics, historical landmarks, devout shrines and intriguing museums has earned the city its reputation as world tourism’s Next Big Thing! Quite expectedly, hordes of sightseers and keen visitors often buy tickets aboard long-haul flights to explore the city’s exciting parade of crowd-pullers. Here’s a little smattering on top five attractions that are worth buying tickets on international flights bound for this Pool of Nectar in India.

Golden Temple

Spiritually invigorating, Golden Temple is a glittering shrine, built with marble, bronze and gold, that ranks amongst the biggest stunners in Amritsar. It has long been the reason tempting many to browse the Internet for find cheap flights to the city. A step inside this captivating temple is sure to transfer one to an utterly pious world where sheer grandeur coincides with a truly sacred ambiance. Quite expectedly, it remains the major tour highlight for almost every sightseer’s booking air tickets to the destination.

Jallianwala Bagh

An incredible memento of India’s biggest tragedy, Jallianwala Bagh is the place that witnessed the gruesome massacre of peaceful revolutionists carried out by British troops. Sprawling over 6.5 acres, Jallianwala Bagh is home to the Martyr’s Gallery that commemorates the victims of the 1919 massacre and offers a close look at the bullet marks on the walls and the well where many jumped in to survive the massacre. Those booking tickets on flights arriving in India to relive the days of British Raj must do well to take a trip to this conspicuous park.

Wagah Border

Easily one of the premier shows in town, Wagah Border is the international boundary that separates India from Pakistan. Hordes of locals and out-of-state visitors book their seats on direct/indirect flights to the city to mark their presence in the Change of Guards ceremony at the Wagah Border outpost. With all pageant and pomp, this ceremony makes for an appealing spectacle and is surely worth all the money spent on air tickets for the spiritually stimulating town of Amritsar.

Durgiana Temple

Yet another popular religious site in Amritsar, Durgiana temple is often mistaken for the Golden Temple due to it close resemblance to the latter in its structural design and appearance. Built in the 16th century, this Hindu shrine never fails to impress rovers with its striking elegance and aesthetical charm. Quite naturally, it remains a must-visit for anyone buying tickets aboard long-haul flights to explore some of the most picturesque attractions in North India.

Maharaja Ranjit Singh Museum

For ardent historians, Maharaja Ranjit Singh Museum remains as fascinating an attraction as any other in the entire world! The erstwhile summer palace of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, it is an incredible gathering of everything and anything that concerns the glorious times of Maharajas and kings in India. A huge collection of royal artefacts and exhibits including arms, armours, outstanding paintings, century old coins and manuscripts can be found stacked in an orderly fashion to delight interested visitors spending on tickets aboard flights arriving in India!

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