All the big-wigs of India’s political setup find space at Central Delhi. But, it is not the power that attracts foreigners who block air tickets on city bound flights but rather the many wonderful experiences this district offers.

Delhi is perhaps the most delightful chapter in the book called India. The city faultlessly portrays what all the grand old country stands for – beautiful culture, surprising diversity, booming economy, rising cosmopolitism and warm people. Those who do not have the appetite for a staggering fluctuation in terms of sightseeing experience in the India capital can stick to the central part of Delhi.

Central Delhi is most well developed part of the city. Flaunting the addresses of some of the most powerful men and women of India, this part of the city is truly the power block where all the high and mighty takes abode. Along with hosting the many generalissimos of Indian polity, the place also holds some of the most glittering sightseeing adventures for leisure tourists who reserve tickets on flights only to unravel the varying colours of India.

Take Stroll in Lodhi Gardens

While a tourist on a whistle-stop tour of Delhi might not be able to find the time to enjoy the innocuous pleasures of walking around the scenic settings, those who do have time must take in the pleasure of taking a simple stroll through the Lodhi Gardens. The green carpet that blankets the landscape brings a sense of serenity, while the blossoming roses here seem like school of colourful fish floating around in emerald waters. It also holds few specimens of historical monuments which surely are an added attraction for tourists. The keen vacationer in you would certainly feel justified in spending money on tickets for flights and hotel deals as you roam around and take in green.

Have a Drink at Connaught Place

Connaught Place is Delhi’s commercial, retail and entertainment hub. The site is always bustling with people, and is surely a wonderful venue to peek into India’s diverse demography. It is not likely that foreigners investing on air tickets for flights that land at Delhi airport will miss out on a trip to Connaught Place, simply because the venue is too much fun. The fact that backpacker’s den, Paharganj and the city railway station are just a stone’s throw distance away from the place makes it even more improbable. Amidst the many things you can do in CP, having a drink or two at any of the many popular bars and lounges remains one of the most favoured activities for not only locals but also foreigners who book tickets aboard flights and land here for business or leisure purpose.

Enjoy an Ice Cream at India Gate

Having an ice candy at the country’s premier architectural marvel, India Gate is a quintessential tourist activity in Delhi. Amidst the crowd of locals who throng the site in the evening and late night, one can easily locate a handful of foreigners, with each having a time of his life recording every facet of this colourful jamboree in his video camera! Ice cream vendors at India Gate are a plenty. Make sure you grab one to make it all worth – from booking tickets on flights to India, the country to enjoying the British Raj’s legacy in Delhi!

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