Exploring Hong Kong for a fantastic and memorable travel experience? Make sure that you go on a tram ride. Grab a window seat on the upper deck to enjoy the finest views around. Many popular places of Hong Kong are covered during the tram rides. Some of them are the Western District, Wan Chai, Happy Valley, Causeway Bay, and North Point. 


Image Credits: Hong Kong Tram

Historical Significance

A major tourist attraction and a form of commuter transport, the legendary trams have been running on the streets of Hong Kong for more than a century. Back then, the tram system operated along the north coast of Hong Kong island. The tram industry was adversely affected from 1941 to 1945 due to the action of Japanese military. As a result, many routes were destroyed!

Post the recovery of the city state in 1945, the trams were restored and more of them came into existence. The numbers increased from 15 to 54 in just one year. Because of high demand, the trams were modified to double levels in 1949. 

Ownership and Operation

The tram system is owned and operated by Veolia Transport – RATP Asia, a joint-venture company based in Beijing, China. 

Relevance in Today’s Time

The tram system of Hong Kong is a reliable source of transport for locals. Visitors use it too! These vehicles give them a glimpse of the past. It is said that if one ever gets lost in the island he should just walk towards the sea. Very soon, he’ll be able to recognize the direction by observing a tram – which runs from west to east. 

Payment for Rides

People don’t need to bother much about travel costs! One may travel any distance by paying a flat fare of $2.30. Passengers need to have exact change if they are paying by cash. ‘Octopus Card’, ‘4-Day Pass’ and ‘Monthly Ticket’ are good options as well. 


Hong Kong Tramways operates 6 main routes between Kennedy Town and Shau Kei Wan daily. Some of them are Western Market to/from Shau Kei Wan, Happy Valley to/from Shau Kei Wan, and Kennedy Town to/from Happy Valley. 

Instructions to Follow

As per the ‘Hong Kong Tramways’ official website, all passengers will have to stick to the following instructions.

  • Do not board or alight when the tram is moving, or during the opening or closing of doors.
  • Do not put any part of the body out of the windows.
  • Eating and drinking inside the tram is prohibited
  • No hazardous objects are allowed on trams. 
  • Animals are forbidden, except guide dogs accompanying visually-impaired persons.

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