Indian food is loved worldwide. Travellers who are investing on flights to Hong Kong might also want to explore the spicy curries and juicy meat that have come to represent the Indian fare. This and more is available at top Indian speciality restaurants in Hong Kong.


Hong Kong may well be one of the most diverse tourist destinations on the globe. The refined sophistication that resonates so well with this splendid holiday spot may well be defined within the peripheries of traditional charm as well. The varied offerings, which are to be found in this wonderland that lies in the Fareast, has a most beguiling facet to it. It is dining!! While Chinese and Cantonese cuisines are the obvious favourites, several tourists, booking airline tickets for Hong Kong, may want to tread on the different path and bring to their taste buds the exotic flavours of Indian delicacies. Indian food allows a distinctively different dining experience to travellers, especially to those who are boarding flights from the western part of the world. A host of Indian restaurants are present in Hong Kong; some are hole-in-the-wall kinds and some are ultra luxurious with great ambience. But, if food is the only criterion to judge, which will be the ‘finest Indian restaurants in Hong Kong’! Let’s find out.

Bombay Dreams: For holiday makers who are in Hong Kong and are looking for places where they could best carry out their fancies of enjoying elaborate Indian curries, a trip to Bombay Dreams is all that is required! The food is enjoyable with all staple Indian preparations like spicy curries and tandoori items being available. Few experimental concoctions are also available for those who love to try-out newer things to let their flights of culinary fancy fly a bit higher! Guests may find a la carte menu pricey; for budget travellers, it is best to stick to the buffet, unless of course they have saved enough on flights tickets and hotel rooms!! Bombay Dreams’ interiors are classy and contemporary, impressing all those who are as concerned about the ambience as they are about the food served.

The Delhi Club: Now, this is the one that is sure to suit travellers of all budges and means. Chunking Mansion, the area where the Delhi Club is located, is in shambles and may seem a bit shady to people who are usually accustomed to brighter environs. But for those who are willing a bold foray into this overcrowded, shabby place, the Delhi Club has a perfect reward! The food here is extremely delicious and is likely to impress the tall and short! Try samosa, an Indian vegetarian delicacy before anything else. It is a common Indian dish that’s rated highly even by the locals. For tourists who are likely to go for more elaborate Indian preparations like spicy mutton vindaloo and chicken tikka masala, Delhi Club is again a perfect choice. A nice, decent meal here, and the cost of flights, tickets and hotels and all other holiday expenses might seem a justified investment!

Jashan: Hong Kong has a surprisingly large number of Indian eateries, and few of them are truly exceptional. Jashan is right up there with the likes of Delhi Club and Bombay Dreams. Jashan in Hindi means celebration, and a single visit to this culinary heaven will make you realise how apt the nomenclature is! Jashan, indeed, is celebration, a celebration of food. The place has recently been renovated and now has an edgier appeal to it. People will love the wonderful interiors that seem to be inspired by the colonial styles – all regal and good with wooden floors, golden lamps and leather upholstery! Jashan scores with its unmatched versatility. So, while other Indian eateries in Hong Kong focus mostly on North Indian fare, Jashan is among the few that provides equal emphasis to several regional flavours of the country. From tawa chicken to lamb vindaloo, everything is available at Jashan. The vegetarian fare isn’t bad either. The best, for most, is the dessert. The wonderfully prepared roasted coconut ice cream is the choice of nearly everyone dining here. Hong Kong has many charms that may push people to spend on air tickets and be here, but in that list of charms a mention of Jashan isn’t entirely unwarranted.

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