A typical Hong Kong experience lies in its many amusement parks, ancient temples and monasteries, bustling street markets and towering skyscrapers. While you must undertake exploration of this megapolis on these lines as suggested by the leading travel experts, it will do your holiday a great good to pause and look for experiences that are still fairly unusual and novel.


Here’s our pick for top five offbeat experiences that you must have in Hong Kong to make the most of your time:

Go on a Junk Cruise

For some novelty of experience, head to the Victoria Harbour, and board Aqua Luna, a traditional sailing ship. Hong Kong once had a thriving fishing industry and the junk boats, handcrafted from wooden junk, were used by traditional fishermen for their sails. Taking an evening cruise is your chance to soak in the glorious views of the harbour and witness the famous Symphony of Lights show from your boat. The junk cruise aboard the Aqua Luna also includes a 6-10 dish dinner cruise.

Visit the Replica of Noah’s Ark

From the plenty of replicas of the Noah’s Ark that have been built around the world, the one found in Hong Kong is the biggest. Hong Kong’s version of the Noah’s Ark is 450-foot long and is a part of a biblical theme park in Ma Wan. You’ll be in for sensory treat at the Ark Garden lush with greenery and embellished with waterfalls and ponds. If you are travelling with children, you will specifically enjoy the life-size sculptures of 67 pairs of animals. You will also be impressed at the Ark Expo that contains the exquisite collection of ark models, and a meteorite that is one of the largest to be ever exhibited in Hong Kong.

Visit a Rabbit Cafe

One for the lovers of cuddly rabbits, Rabbitland is a cafe dedicated to these furry little creatures. Rabbitland is a vegetarian cafe, and is home to twelve abandoned rabbits that are tended and taken care of by the owners of the cafe. The visitors can feed and pet the rabbits but pulling their ears is strictly prohibited. The children under the age of six are prohibited from visiting the cafe. Be sure of not visiting during the peak hours as there are limited tables, and the cafe is quite popular.

Watch Old Hong Kong Movies

To understand the pulse of a city, it helps to visit places that the locals visit, and do the things as the locals do. Therefore, watching an old Hong Kong movie should rate high on your list of things to do in Hong Kong. Hosted by the Hong Kong Film Archive, the movie screenings are spread across genres. Among the popular movies are the Hong Kong classics, silent films as well as black and white movies. Fans of documentaries will also find ample of cinematically brilliant movies here.

Have Dinner at a Cartoon Restaurant

Cartoons are very popular in Honk Kong, and not just among children. Such is the craze of Japanese cartoons that there are parks, gardens, movies and now restaurants dedicated to them. Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine ranks at top among the cartoon restaurants that have materialised on the frenzy surrounding the Hello Kitty cartoon. Everything in the restaurant, from dim sums to custard buns carries the face of the Hello Kitty with her signature pink bow.

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