Sai Kung, the Back Garden of Hong Kong, is emerging as one of the most popular tourist areas in Hong Kong. Holidaymakers boarding flights to experience an unexplored streak of the nation must consider adding different tours in this peninsula to their travel plans.


Hong Kong has always been a top notch choice among shopaholics, epicureans as well as travellers craving to explore beguiling blend of East and West. But the enchantments of this city-state are not only confined to these dazzles. Nature lovers and adventure cravers booking tickets aboard flights to Hong Kong always prefer to add Sai Kung Peninsula to their itineraries. This area boasts some of the most secluded beaches in the city that are accessible by boats known as Kaido. Here romance and thrill go hand in hand! If you are buying tickets to visit Sai Kung then do take a look at the different facet of Hong Kong and plan your visit to this enchanting place.

Deserted Beach Hiking

Hiking and camping are two of the most popular activities in Sai Kung. And hiking at secluded beaches in this part of Hong Kong is gaining immense popularity not only among beachcombers and thrill seekers, but also among culture vultures as well as history buffs. Such excursions allow hikers to visit old Hakka villages and take a closer look at abandoned houses of people who left the beaches few decades ago in search of better life in cities. These tours offer a life time opportunity to travellers spending pounds on flights especially to peep into the past of Hong Kong. Holidaymakers opting for Deserted Beach Hiking trips must wear comfy walking shoes, sunscreen cream and carry bottled water.

Ma On Shan Hiking

This expedition is an impressive way to admire the breathtaking beauty of West Country Park in Sai Kung. Ma On Shan also known as Horse Saddle Mountain, is one of the highest peaks in the city and peppered with lush vegetation, sub-tropical forest and a trail enticing professional hikers. While wandering around, vacationers can revitalize their minds and have glimpse of captivating beauty of the reviving surroundings and visit Tin Hau Temple. One can check the availability of this excursion online before grabbing tickets for flying to Hong Kong.

Volcanic Rock Region Tour

A large number of vacationers netting tickets on flights landing at Hong Kong prefer to be a part of this trip to find the richness of H.K.’s eminent Geopark. It features a volcanic rock formation which is claimed to be around 140 million years old. This trip takes a halt at High Island Reservoir from where one can capture the spectacular views of hexagonal columns made from volcanic rocks. Besides, the park also features various geographical phenomenons such as dyke intrusions, folds, faults and twisted columns.

Boat Cruises

These excursions are not available all through the year. Therefore, it is always advisable to check their schedule before booking tickets onboard flights to enjoy holidays in Sai Kung. This trip is an ideal escapade for laid back lethargic souls who just want to sit back, relax and appreciate the beauty of the coastline of Hong Kong. There are pit stops that let travellers to indulge in activities like scuba diving, snorkelling and sailing. Hung Shing Temple and East Country Park are major highlights of sightseeing.

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