Hong Kong’s past and culture are often overshadowed by its splendid cosmopolitan charm. To explore this region’s aura beyond its swanky attire, travellers buy tickets to visit New Territories. Let’s check out the best of this peninsula.

Hong Kong often marks a dazzling impression of modern world innovations, swanky skyline and lifestyle that matches the splendour of western metro cities. However, the grandeur of this Asian jewel is not only limited to this glitterati. Travellers boarding flights to Hong Kong also get an opportunity to peep into its historical grandeur and cultural richness. There are several destinations to spot these quintessential facets of the city state; New Territories is the most prominent example. This peninsula is surely impressive, peppered with the incredible diversity of Hong Kong. Besides history and culture, gorgeous beaches and spiritual spirit engulf the real essence of New Territories. Holidaymakers buying tickets to fly to Hong Kong must consider adding these attractions to their itineraries.

Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery

Spiritual souls disembarking flights in Hong Kong can ill afford to miss out on visiting this Buddhist temple which is often billed as the most prominent one in the city-state. This hill top temple is located in Sha Tin and features various images of Buddha featuring various expressions and gestures. These golden images are sure to offer an eventful climb to the main temple. Apart from the main hall, this site also features a nine-storey pagoda. From the main hall, one can admire the captivating beauty of the invigorating surroundings. Food lovers, buying tickets aboard Hong Kong bound flights to visit here, can add a unique gastronomic experience to their travel diaries while dining at the vegetarian restaurant.

Ping Shan Heritage Trail

History buffs cannot justify the money spent on flights, if they ignore taking a walk through this heritage trail. This kilometre-long trail is flanked by historical buildings that offer a sneak peek into the intriguing history of Hong Kong. Most prominent highlights here are Tsui Shing Lau’s pagoda (oldest in Hong Kong), Shrine of the Earth God, Kun Ting Study Hall and the Tang Ancestral Hall. To reach this trail, travellers can buy MTR tickets and get down at Tin Shui Wai Station. Several holidaymakers visit Ping Shan Tang Clan Gallery cum Heritage Trail Visitor Centre to get better understanding of this notable highlight of New Territories.


The fascinating culture and history of this region is well complemented by breathtaking beauty of pristine beaches. Tai Long Wan is among the best beaches here. It is located in Sai Kung East Country Park and is considered as one of the finest beaches in entire Hong Kong. This white sand beach makes a popular twin-beach spot with Ham Tin Wan which is separated from Tai Lang Wan by a mountainous tree. Beaches at Clearwater Bay are other spotlights that entice tourists, especially beachcombers, to grab tickets aboard flights to visit New Territories. Several beaches are dotted with incredible beachside accommodation options.

Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park

Also known as Jone’s Covem, Hoi Ha Wan is a marine park situated in Sai Kung Peninsula. This protected area always remains at the top of minds of travellers striving to explore the magnificence of Hong Kong marine life. The area comprises of over 100 species of coral fish and 60 types of hard corals. Divers boarding flights taking off for Hong Kong would love to dive into these blue-green waters and take a closer look at the dazzles of this spectacular underwater haven.

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