One travel writer has suggested that people booking flights to Egypt should venture into the desert during their stay.

Following a volunteering trip to Egypt, one travel writer has written of her experiences in the Sinai desert.Ann Marie Hourihane described the desert as “a mystical place” after returning from a break to Egypt which saw her help one of the Bedouin communities in the region.

In a piece for the Irish Times, she explained that she wanted to do more than simply visit the desert on a day trip.

“The desert felt both spellbinding and safe,” Ms Hourihane stated, adding “its silence and its brightness at night were a surprise for us newcomers”.

She noted that her itinerary on the trip allowed her time to see other parts of the country, as well as working within the Bedouin community.

Ms Hourihane spent eight days volunteering, before then spending a few days trekking, having a three-day stay at an eco village on the Red Sea coast and spending two days in the mountains.

An article in the Observer this weekend highlighted ten volunteering schemes for travellers who want to give back to the community.

They included helping in a rural South African village, looking after elephants in Thailand and volunteering at a Cambodian orphanage.

Written by Alex Cochrane

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