Cairo is a beautiful destination that entices vacationers to board flights landing at this metropolis. There are few things that need to be kept in mind especially, if travelling alone in this part of Egypt. Let’s check them out in brief.


Grandeur of history and grandiosity of being one of the largest metropolitan areas in Africa mark the magnificence of Cairo, the capital city of Egypt. Families, honeymooners and corporate groups book flights to visit the ancient structures such as pyramids and tombs located in and around the city to peep into the rich Egyptian past. People travelling in a group can get group discount on tickets, concession on accommodations and of course a company to enjoy popular events. But it doesn’t mean that Cairo is not worth for solo travellers. If buying tickets on flights to enjoy a lone vacation in the Egyptian capital, here are few important tips to make a note of.

Safety is Priority
Holidaymakers buying tickets aboard flights bound for Cairo should always give priority to safety, particularly while vacationing alone. These are few safety points that ensure a hassle free trip to this flamboyant city in Egypt.
• Generally, burglars and thieves do not target holidaymakers travelling in big groups. Hence, if travelling alone always prefer to stay in public.
• Abstain from roaming around in quiet streets.
• Be aware of the main areas of the metropolis and carry a GPS enabled phone to make sure you are not lost.
• To find the safest places, one should get in touch with the hotel staff to know about the safest areas to visit.
• While travelling in a taxi, drivers tend to suggest few hotels or restaurants (as they get commission), don’t get lured by the less prices and stick to the original travel plan.
• Avoid wearing expensive jewellery or accessories.
Respect the Cultural Values
• Cairo is an Islamic city and tourists must not disrespect the local customs and rituals. One can practice other religions however, cannot be displayed in public.
• If meeting with locals, handshake is a formal way of greeting. In case, meeting with a girl, wait for her to take the initiative.
• Solo travellers disembarking flights at this cultural-rich city during the month of Ramadan need to be extra cautious as Islamic law prohibits drinking and eating in public. Also, keep away from smoking.
• Tourists netting tickets for Egypt flights to explore the spiritual richness of Cairo should dress sensibly whilst visiting mosques or churches to not hurt the religious sentiments of the locals.
Remain Healthy
• The Egyptian capital is known for hot weather. Hence, always keep yourself hydrated and consider wearing full sleeves dresses especially if planning to stay out in the sun for whole day.
• Drink bottled water. Drinking water of this metropolitan region is chlorinated and can smell of chemicals.
• Travellers booking tickets to enjoy Cairo holidays can easily evade skin allergies and sunburns while wearing a hat and a quality sunscreen.
Few tips for solo women travellers making reservation on flights terminating at Cairo:
Foremost thing that nags the women tourists in any country is ‘unwanted attention.’ While strolling around the city alone, women can easily stay away from such situations. Read on to know about how.
• Abstain from smoking in public whether it’s Ramadan or not.
• Dress appropriately. Don’t wear revealing clothes. At least shoulders and knees should be covered. Shorts and skirts are acceptable if below knees.
Other miscellaneous guidelines for lone female tourists:
• Covering head is not an obligation but recommended. Besides cultural importance, it also saves hair from blazing heat and dirt.
• World class metro is one of the main highlights of Cairo. If buying tickets to travel in a metro always prefer to board ladies coach.
• Never compromise on security measures even if you need to stay at a pricey hotel.

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