tourist-attractions-in-luxor-egypt-03Popularly known as the ‘Greatest Open Air Museum’, Luxor city is the place where art replicates life. The city stands apart from the other towns of Egypt with its sheer wealth of archaeological sites, temples and tombs. Walk through one of the most visited destinations in Egypt and lose yourself in the wonders of the ancient world!

Temple of Karnak
The astonishing Temple Complex of Karnak is one of Luxor’s spectacular monuments featuring the Great Temple of Amun, the Temple of Khonsu and the Festival Temple of Tuthmosis III. The successive rulers of Egypt vied with one another in adorning the beauty of this great national sanctuary, which later became the most important of Egypt’s temples. The large crowds of visitors seem like ants as they gaze up at the mighty columns! One can spend a whole mesmerizing day exploring the entire complex.

Luxor Museum
One of the best museums of Egypt, Luxor museum has a beautiful collection from the native area that narrates the story of the Old Kingdom. The museum’s rich possessions include the Royal Mummies of Ahmose I and Ramses I. It also has a dazzling display of amulets, silver bowls, tomb furnishings and votive tablets. The astounding sculptures on the Wall of Akhenaten are a marvellous piece of Egyptian art which is a must see for anyone visiting Luxor.

Valley of the Kings
Hidden amidst rocky escarpments, the popular Valley of the Kings was the final resting place of the kings from the 18th, 19th and 20th dynasties. The wonderfully vivid wall paintings here are major attractions. The valley features 63 tombs engraved with the names of famous characters from the Egyptian history. The walls of the tombs are adorned with textual and Islamic art. The tombs are open to visitors on a rotation bases as part of an effort to control crowds and preserve the paintings.

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