Sharm el Sheikh is one of the most sought after destinations that offer incredible holiday experiences to those who book flights’ tickets to Egypt. If you are in Sharm on the advent of New Year’s Eve, the city offers a number of excursions to make your New Year’s start amazing.


Stunning sandy beaches, crystal clear water, and a myriad of entertainment options – Sharm el Sheikh is a one-stop destination for any kind of traveller. A large number of holidaymakers book tickets on flights to Sharm every year to explore its charms. The city might not be among the top places that hit your mind when you think about celebrating New Year but if you are planning to celebrate a bit differently this time, Sharm can be a great place to be at. Surely, the hotel in which you will stay, will be hosting an amazing gala on the New Year’s Eve (if not, there are many other venues where you can head to), but the best part about celebrating New Year in Sharm is its after-party excursions. Here are just four of them to make the most of your trip.

Swimming with Dolphins

If you are one of those people who have a special thing for dolphins, Sharm el Sheikh offers you to swim with these adorable creatures. Dolphin lovers who are booking tickets aboard flights to Sharm can enjoy their after party by swimming with dolphins. It might not seem a very exciting activity for people who have never tried it, but those who have, will know how addictive and fun it is. Play with them, have a selfie taken, and swim around – not only kids but adults too will love it.

Tours by Plane to Must Visits in Egypt

If you are in Egypt for the first time then this one might be the best excursion for you. There are two must visit cities in Egypt – Cairo and Luxor. A tour of short flights from Sharm to any of these cities offer jaw dropping sights that are a must see at least once in a life time. On your trip to Cairo, you will explore the Great Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, and many more incredible attractions. Do no miss to shop in the bazaars of Cairo for a unique shopping experience. If pyramids don’t excite you, head to Luxor. The fascinating sights of the Valley of the Kings are sure to win your heart.

Quad Biking

One of the best ways to explore the beautiful deserts of Sharm is by riding a quad. Drive through the breathtaking sights of Sharm deserts, and catch the panoramic views of Sinai Mountain Ranges – the views are so picturesque that you will be enticed to click every other spot on your tour. If you are going to try this sport for the first time, do know that it is important to stay hydrated as biking in the desert can be tiring.

1001 Night Show

Exceptional belly dancing, a beautiful dancing description about the rich culture and history of Egypt – 1001 Night Show includes everything that is sure to make you fall in love with the fascinating culture and the belly dancing, of course. Enjoy the night that will be dazzled with belly dancing, Tannoura Show and other dances. Named as Alf Leila Wa Leila, the place is packed with romantic spots. If you are couple, explore the place before the performances in the evening and have a romantic dinner at a Moroccan themed restaurant. Before the late night performances, visitors can enjoy the sound & light and the horse dancing shows.

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