Egypt’s pyramids are only wonders of the ancient world that have endured till the present. Travellers buying tickets on flights that land in Cairo, the capital city, will definitely include a visit to the Pyramids during their holiday in Egypt.


Anyone visiting Egypt on vacation is sure to have at least one photo of themselves with the Giza pyramid and the Sphinx in the backdrop, these mammoth structures being a quintessential part of the holiday in the land of pharaohs. Though it may seem unbelievable, there are actually hundreds of these architectural and engineering marvels albeit on a much smaller scale along the Nile River and many of them are easily accessible via Nile cruises. These are a few locations, where those with a thirst for adventure can head out to find the lesser-known pyramids of Egypt, after they land aboard international flights reaching the country.


Few of those buying tickets onboard flights reaching the land on the banks of the Nile are aware that the original capital of the Pharaohs was at Memphis and close to this old capital is the necropolis of Saqquara. One of the most important sites for Egyptologists and crucial to modern-day understanding of this ancient culture, a visit this long deserted metropolis is often included in many tours that operate along the Nile. The site is also home to numerous ancient structures that have withstood the test of time and most famous among these is the step pyramid of Djoser. This unique structure is markedly different from similar structures in Giza and hence a visit to this deserted city is definitely worth the monies spent on flights to reach the country and tickets to enter the Saqquara necropolis.


Despite thousands of visitors buying flight tickets to reach the country, only a few among those include the long-vacated city of Dahshur in their travel plans. Located to the south of Saqquara, Dahshur represents the progressive improvement of the Egyptians towards building these mammoth structures. The pyramids here predate the famous one at Giza and even though the scale is a lot smaller, they stand as a testament to the unmatched capability of the ancient Egyptians to build and design these incredible tombs using only rudimentary tools. The other feature of this incredible structure at Dashur is the slightly bent appearance that adds to its charisma. A probable explanation for this unique appearance is that the slope at the top differs from that of the bottom because the original design was altered during construction to accommodate the increasing stresses. For those planning to buy tickets aboard flights that terminate in Cairo, visiting this ancient deserted metropolis will definitely make one feel that the money on air tickets was well spent.

Fayoum Region

One of the most densely populated regions in Egypt in terms of the number of pyramids per square kilometre, the Fayoum Region seems like an unplanned complex that is easily visible to those making an aerial survey of Cairo city from flights. Located all around the Fayoum Oasis, this area represents some of the not so successful attempts at designing a complex similar to the one at Giza. The region is also home to the only obelisk in existence within the country, which ensures a unique experience for anyone buying entry tickets to the complex.

The key areas of interest within this area include the many famous tombs at Maidum, Lisht, Hawara and Lahun. These are only a few of the numerous reasons that thrill seekers have to buy tickets onboard flights bound to Egypt and move beyond the iconic complex at Giza.

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