Scores of travellers book flights to Nairobi, the Kenyan capital that offers plethora of unique charms to beguile holidaymakers. However, it is vital to be heedful to some essential entry requirements, safety tips and local laws to enjoy unruffled vacations.

Nairobi is a mesmerizing cultural pot boiler that offers an unquestionably African delight. This thriving city has dramatically transformed from a dusty railway depot to one of the most important business and culture hubs in Kenya. The city enthrals with its rambling suburbs, pulsating nightlife, national parks and a towering skyline dotted with soaring skyscrapers.

The safari capital of the world, Nairobi is truly the gateway to the typical African culture that everyone imagines to indulge in. It attracts scores of wildlife enthusiasts who have a desire to explore the stunning environs and the flora and fauna of the region. While there is no dearth of tickets on cheap flights to Nairobi, travellers must heed few essential tips before booking their flights and commencing travel.

Visa Requirement

  • Britons contemplating booking flights to Nairobi need a visa to enter the country. The visas can be obtained from the Kenya High Commission in London, or on arrival at the airport. Those interested in further information on visas can log on to the Kenya High Commission website to gather more information.

Passport validity

  • UK citizens must hold a valid passport to enter Kenya. Additionally, the passport must be valid for a minimum period of six months from the date of arrival into the country. It is highly advisable to ensure that the passport has at least two blank pages for entry and departure endorsements.

Health Safety

  • Cholera and malaria are some common disease outbreaks in Kenya and it is imperative to seek medical advice before taking flights to Nairobi. Carry enough medical supplies, if required, to last the trip.
  • It is highly advisable to drink bottled or boiled water while in Nairobi. Also, the usage of ice in drinks should be avoided.
  • Food items prepared by unlicensed vendors are unsafe to eat and may lead to severe health hazards. It is important to avoid buying food from unlicensed vendors.
  • Travellers feeling sick or unhealthy during their trip to Nairobi should seek immediate medical attention.

Safety and Security

  • Crime against foreign tourists is not unheard of in Nairobi, which makes it prudent for travellers to heed appropriate safety measures to ensure an unperturbed vacation here.
  • Armed car-hijackings crimes are prevalent in Nairobi. It is advisable to avoid driving in the nights and follow basic safety precautions to avoid any trouble.
  • Also, it is important to remain vigilant at all times. Travellers should drive defensively, with vehicle doors locked and windows closed at all times.
  • Large public gatherings and demonstrations are common here. However, travellers should avoid participating in any such gathering or demonstrations.
  • Shoppers taking holidays in Nairobi should be mindful of not carrying huge cash with them while on a shopping expedition to local markets. It is also advisable to deposit all the valuables including important travel documents like passport in the hotel safe.
  • It is advisable to avoid travelling to low income areas of Nairobi, including all township or slum areas, which experience high crime levels.
  • Tourists taking cheap flights to Nairobi to partake in the exploration of the game reserves should take services from reputed tour operators and try arriving at the required destination in daylight hours.
  • It is widely advisable to avoid bathing in rivers and lakes due to the dangers from both wildlife and from water-borne diseases.
  • Passengers travelling in the trains should be mindful of ensuring the safety of their belongings while on trains and at the railway stations.
  • Tourists intending an air travel to further destinations with charter aircrafts should aptly check with the company’s Safety Pilot about the aircraft’s condition and runways to be used. It is advisable to seek alternatives if the aircraft company does not provide Safety Pilot.

Local Laws

  • Smoking is prohibited in all public places in Nairobi and violation of this rule is subject to severe penalties and fines. Violation attracts fines ranging from 50,000 to three million Kenya shillings and/or imprisonment for six months to three years.
  • Drug usage and trafficking is illegal in Nairobi. The violation is subject to heavy fines and jail sentences.
  • It is important to obtain valid work permit before taking up any paid or volunteer job here. The violation of this rule can lead to jail or deportation depending on the nature of the offence.
  • Taking photographs of official buildings, including Embassies might lead to severe penalties and can lead to detention.
  • Destroying Kenyan currency of any denomination is illegal.
  • Homosexuality is illegal in Kenya and can attract severe fines and penalties.

Important Note: Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has currently advised against all but essential travel to certain parts of Kenya, including parts of Nairobi. Travellers planning to travel to Kenya must consult the FCO website ( in order to check the updated travel advice for the country.

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