With its stimulating and wonderful past, Luxor remains one of the most preferred holiday destinations in Egypt that never fails to tempt holidaymakers, especially historians from all over the world. Following are its top lures.

With the most appealing illustration of interesting past, Luxor in Egypt promises an excellent holiday to the tourists contemplating to reserve tickets to this metropolis. Holidaymakers, especially historians taking a tour of this historic district get amazed by the outstanding and gigantic structures narrating the glorious past of the earliest civilisation of the world. In fact, the magical tales of great Pharaohs and quaint culture of imperial era of Egypt are one of the key reasons that add to the popularity of tickets aboard flights heading to this destination. Here is a brief info on few of the irresistible tourist lures that pull many historians disembarking flights here, to take a visit at these sites.


One of the most visited heritage sites by locals as well as international vacationers; Karnak is situated majestically to the north of the main city of Luxor. Distinguished for boasting an impressive array of temple ruins, sanctuaries, pylons, chapels and other buildings; this UNESCO World Heritage Site in Egypt is considered to be one of the largest ancient religious sites in the world. Sightseeing at Karnak is worth the cost of tickets for flights that history lovers and archaeologists invest.

Valley of the Kings

Another major tourist attraction in Luxor, the Valley of the Kings entices hordes of travellers to look for deals on holiday packages as well as flights to this historic destination in Egypt. This vast necropolis possesses around forty royal tombs dating back between eleventh to sixteenth century BC, including the grave of Pharaoh Tutankhamen. In fact, this place actually set people on a quest for tickets to enter the tomb chambers and quench their thirst for discovering the mysterious past of Egypt.

Deir El-Medina

Travellers, especially those who are fond of the mysterious history of Egypt are often found spending money on tickets aboard flights bound for Luxor. Thanks to the majesty of the primeval village of Deir El-Medina. Placed in the central part of the city, this is an erstwhile township of Egypt; mainly colonized by artisans, carvers, workers as well as artists who were employees at the tombs of the Valley of the Kings. Holidaymakers get a chance to explore the remnants of two major tombs that still exhibit some of the striking murals painted by the former artists.

Valley of Queens

Located at the barren land of West Bank of River Nile, the Valley of Queens is a necropolis for the tombs of royals. Though not as grand as the magnificent pyramids, this rock cut burial chamber housing more than seventy elegant and well-adorned tombs of the regal ladies. Tourists booking tickets for a memorable holiday in Luxor and visiting these ruins get an opportunity to acquire a deeper insight on the former era of Egypt by witnessing the calligraphy on the inner walls of the chambers.

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