One Red Sea destination has been selected as one of the best places in the world to go for a wild water swim.

People booking cheap flights to Egypt who are looking for some adventure during their stay may be interested in a list of some of the world’s best wild water swims.Compiled by the Times, it features one location on the Red Sea coast in Dahab.

The Blue Hole is renowned among scuba divers and free divers. This natural hole in the reef drops down to more than 80m and is a popular swimming and snorkelling spot.

You can also take a camel ride to reach the coastal location, the newspaper noted, adding to its exotic appeal.

Anyone taking their mask and snorkel can enjoy the coral reefs that start just metres from the shore, with colourful fish abundant around the Blue Hole.

Scuba divers often frequent this area, with the outer reef providing spectacular underwater topography.

Adventurous scuba divers can even choose to start their dive at a location known as the Bells, a short distance along the coast from the Blue Hole.

This is a narrow tunnel carved in the reef with its opening at the surface, allowing divers to descend down the hole to approximately 30m, where they can then exit on to the drop off and follow the reef along.

Written by Ruth Norris

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