The mystifying charm of Egypt seldom ceases to capture the hearts and souls of avid travellers. Those who board flights to Egypt delight at the prospect of witnessing the best of its ancient attractions aboard a modernistic Nile Cruise.

The longest river in the world snaking its way through some of the oldest remnants of the history of mankind- the Nile River in Egypt owes its significance to a plethora of factors. Once a lifeline of the ancient civilizations that dwelled on its rich banks, the Nile of the present day is known for the most enigmatic cruises but has not ceased to feed the populace of the country. Travellers who arrive on flights to Egypt and are keen to explore the nation’s overwhelming bounty find the Nile Cruises to be the best way to witness some of the greatest attractions that make Egypt a proud host. No matter what vessel a tourist chooses to board- a felucca, a cruise ship or the traditional ‘dahabiya’- the sights and sounds of a Nile cruise are the common indulges for one and all.

The Bewitchery of Illusionism at the Luxor Temple

For those who invest on tickets for a Nile Cruise, the Luxor Temple is a must-see attraction. Situated on the east-bank of the placid river, the colossal sandstone structure represents the mythical beliefs of the ancient Egyptians who inhabited the region, formerly known as Thebes. The grand obelisks of the Luxor Temple enhance its architectural beauty and baffle tourists with tricky illusions. One can also witness the colonial influence of the Romans in Egypt as the temple houses some remnants of the facilities used by the Roman militia in those times.

Unravelled Mysteries at the Temple of Karnak

Being a part of ‘Ancient Thebes with its Necropolis’ the Temple of Karnak holds the honour of being a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The massive pillars that form the Hypostyle Hall are admired by one and all who can neither overlook their beauty nor be indifferent to the intriguing process of their creation which is attributed to multiple pharaohs. The Temple of Karnak also houses the second-largest religious congregation ground in the world. Those who board flights to Egypt seldom miss out on the temple, which is evident from the fact that the Karnak is the second-most visited place in Egypt.

Reminisce the Long Gone Royalty at the Valley of the Kings

Yet another World Heritage Site, the Valley of the Kings magnetises one and all who book tickets to Egypt to witness the grandeur of the Pharaohs’ age. Comprising the East Valley and the West Valley, the expansive and arid terrains house numerous tombs and chambers dedicated to the Pharaohs of the ancient past. Amongst those unearthed over a course of time, the tomb of Tutankhamen is the most popular one. Owing to the fact that the tombs in the valley have been built over a period of hundreds of years, thousands of tourists purchase tickets to visit the tombs each day. A Nile cruise is not deemed complete without a trip to this site.

Witness the Beauty of Theban Architecture at the Hatshepsut Temple  

Situated close to the Valley of the Kings, Temple of Hatshepsut features on the itineraries of most travellers who book flights to Egypt to witness its primitive charms. Known to be one of the most significant female Pharaoh of the time, the legacy of Hatshepsut is preserved in the temple in the guise of many embellishments that adorn its walls. Visitors are also drawn towards the massive statues of Osiris, the modernistic twist to prevalent architecture and the pictorial narratives of Hatshepsut which the temple portrays within the terraced structure.

Double the Awe at the Temple of Kom Ombo

Famous for its dual entrance columns signifying the reverence offered to the two gods, Sobek and Horus, the Temple of Kom Ombo is frequented by locals and tourists alike. Tourists boarding flights bound for Egypt visit the temple as it hosts some of the most well-preserved inscriptions and frieze which offer a wealth of knowledge about the nuances of the ancient civilizations. Other than tourists, the temple is also a significant haunt for many Egyptologists who invest on tickets to Egypt to uncover the meaning behind the visually appealing hieroglyphs that adorn the walls of the temple.

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